Kitserver 7 for PES2008: version 7.2.0


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Kitserver 7.2.0 for PES2008 PC

What's new:
- internal rework, with improvement in stability and performance.
- new modules: afs2fs, scheduler, rwdata, faceserver.
- kit selection in Exhibition mode.
- complete and detailed documentation.

Kitserver 7.2.0 - (2.1 MB);10719139;/fileinfo.html

If you are new to Kitserver, you may also want to download a sample GDB. It contains examples of how to organize kits (Chelsea, Liverpool, Russia), faces and hair (Arshavin):

sample GDB 7.2.0 - (1.66 MB);10719156;/fileinfo.html


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On VISTA X64 (64bit) ultimate, it crasches when you esc from game to desktop...

the issue is that Vista x64 use the memory differently respect 32 bit OS...

The issue in kitserver is caused by the afs2fs module...

Robbie solved with my help this problem in old modules of kitserver...
It give me some test in vista x64 to solve...
If juce want I can test kitserver for it...


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This is fab Juce, installed like a dream. Just copied my old kitserver to a backup hard drive and then unrar'd the new one over the one in the PES file. Worked straight off with no issues!

One question I do have though is how do I know what number is assigned to what player? Are they the same as the default face list for PES2008? I got tons of faces I wanna install!


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night / day change

hey juce...all your programs works fine on my pc. Is it possible to add night / day option for stadiums in kitserver? Otherwise game still force day games in my champions legue.


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General quetion for either juice or robbie

is there any tool that i can use to get a map.txt of my team option file? it is meant to be used in the kitserver.