Kosma1's Boots


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barrysun;3945650 said:



Kosma1, great work? NO!! You edit/recolored boots from barrysun (adidas, Puma). You do not give credits for his work. They have no respect. I am very disappointed. Many of us are editing graphics, always with credits for the creators!


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What's the problem / Whats the big deal?/
If credits is a problem?... - Sure i can give credit in my files and i will do it next

Finaly we have a new boots here and thats matter!
We are trying to make this game alive!
If somebody don't want to download it - Go ahead!


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I understand that i recolor somebody else shoes / sometimes modifying and adding parts.
Sure I'm new here. Just starting but people want to download my files.
Finally thinks its better to doing it...or not to doing it? / I think its better to do something - and make this game alive. Sorry Barrysun / sorry Ron69 - You are MASTERCLASS but i don't destroy your works. i'll RESPECT it and show people that everybody can do it and make this game alive - better.

Boots are changing so quickly / I try to respond. If some shoes are changing - par example color. Why i must wait 2 weeks that somebody do it in that specific color - i just take somebody work and change it - thats all - don't destroy others boots makers work. I know its quite cruel but if i can download it from net and modify it - i just do it!. I'm not selling somebody else work. Don't paste my signature to your textures...Don't earn any m0ney on it... so don't understand why are you so angry...

If everybody thinks is not good i can do it by my own in my local folders and don't paste here links / It's that what you wants?


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with all the respect for Barry's boots, all this forum knows that Kosma is only recolor other bootmakers textures. He should give credit, indeed, but on the other hand I appreciate his work cause every day we're remaining fewer and fewer on this forum and new boots still coming and coming. So if Kosma will give credit to Barry from now on, I hope I will see more and more shoes in the future.


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Some authors may stop creating boots because someone used their works without credits. Then, you have no templates to recolor in the future. I know you didn't say you created the boots but people may mistake it. Giving credits is what you should do and it is easy. This is not the first time someone talked about it in your thread.