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Hi Kotear 6863's, could you please help us with Atlanta United stadium?

I'm trying to convert this for FIFA 14 but I don't know how to figure out the textures corresponding to each object, because if it is by trial and error I'll take 1 century to achieve this


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Kotiara, can you convert from fifa 14 to 16 this stadium?, we need this one for the UEFA Europa League final
Need to be finished, but it looks just amazing


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And files mob no for stadium Baku?
If there was a file of a crowd, I would quickly would make the stadium Baku, and to do the crowd I have no time.
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cant open Anfield and psg stadiums game crushes
i unpack all folders from the file to fifa 16 same folders
and regenerated it with cg file explorer, fifa master, i68 but still it crushes, i checked the glares all are fine but game crashes, plz help


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Greetings dear kotiara, thank you very much for all your Stadiums are great, you created the Monumental Stadium of Ecuador, White House Stadium of Liga de Quito, Atahualpa Olympic Stadium of Quito Ecuador, Bellavista Stadium of Ambato and George Capwell Stadium, all these Stadiums exception of Capwell have worked for me.
Now I would like to ask you if you can do the New George Capwell Stadium, but change the code 26 because it coincides with the Monumetal, on the other hand I would also like if you could create the Estadio Alejandro Serrano Aguilar of the Deportivo Cuenca All this for fifa 15, I send you the images of the stadiums and some links to see the stadiums live,
First of all, Thanks

New Stadium George Capwell


Stadium Alejandro Serrano Aguilar

Possible remodeling for Copa America 2023



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Hi Kotiara @ kotiara6863. I have a point for you. Can you create a stadium for FIFA 16 for me? It would be very important to me. I'm sending you photos downstairs. The stadium has 5383 seats. The first photo is the guest sector.



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Here are the links:

New Anfield and new Etihad exported 3d models from FIFA 18:

Anfield Road:

https://www.fifaplanet.eu/myfhl/imgupload/thumb/Anfield Road.jpg


Etihad Stadium:

https://www.fifaplanet.eu/myfhl/imgupload/thumb/Etihad Stadium.jpg


Only for stadium makers!

hey master, are you planing to do anfield with the new main stand?!

Seba Lopez

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Hi kotiara, is there any chance that you will make the stadiums in Argentina? Especially Tomas Adolfo Duco of the Atletico Huracan Club. The ones that are available for download in other threads are very outdated, except the ones in Verdun that I can not install with the CG file server. You could do a great job and many of us would be very grateful !!


I have just tested the Nuevo San Mames under several conditions and, first it looks superb, I didn't experience any bug with it.

Thank you so much kotiara and the Wizard for your effort, you are forming a fantastic tandem!