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Why is this happening?

image (14).png

image (13) (1).png

During the day you can see the track and not at night, why does this happen?

Samuel Dyzuba

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hi kotiara i have seen good stadiums in the english leagues sketchup the question if you could convert some stadiums​


Bruton Park These in excellent quality the stadium.


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hola kotiara puedes hacer
el estadio Monumental de la U (Universitario de Deportes-Perú)
y Alejandro Villanueva (Alianza Lima-Perú)
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Excuse the inconvenience, can you tell me how I install the stadiums in FIFA 16 or if there is any video? thanks in advance, i'm new to this.


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Thanx, but we have much better model from PES 6.

Here is FIFA 14 version concerted from PES 6.
Model is much better than FIFA 12 and we can add graphic for CL or EL.

Can you try convert it for 16?

Kot, can you check this?