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thank you sir!! I still hope you'll convert the last english stadium that I've sent it to you some time ago, DW Stadium - Wigan. thanks in advance!


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esQzme! Yes, I would gladly would have done the DW Stadium, but unfortunately with him there are problems, textures shimmer among themselves on it, and looks pretty bad, don't even know what to do with it.


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@Kotiara could you please contact with tonypes? He is a Greek stadium maker who has created tons of amazing stadiums, with the Greek league's amongst them! Would be great to convert them!

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wow, thanks bro, you said this stadium have erorrs, I never thought you'll manage to convert it for 16 :D thank you very much. what a surprise!! I hope you received my PM's.


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Thanks a lot for Wigan Stadiums!!!

Maybe some South African stadias?

Or Vila Belmiro from Santos FC or Alberto Gallardo from Alianza Lima if you have time?