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It's just that Gareth ran a CM tactics site with this lad (Paul) so he might aswell have the tactic. But i guess Horatiu will just use your "infamous" all out attack formation.:crazyboy:

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Originally posted by rony31
I used one of Paul Buxton's tactics as a backup to my own... PB8, amazing (Y)

Yeah, I found PB8 o.k as a backup when I used it, but it is f*cking useless if you ever try it as a main tactic.


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Try his 442 DDL formation, it's so class. Set the world alight with PSV, won the CL 2 times (one of them beating Arsenal 6-0) with it. Finished the league unbeaten too, pretty nice.


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Alright guys i've been playing this old CM game on my computer upstairs from time to time and this is what happened...

After getting a treble with Kriptonia... Seria A. Champions League, Italian Cup... I resigned looking for a bigger challenge

In the meanwhile In Euro2004 I got to be manager of sweeden and I lost in the quarters in Penalty Kicks, to holland i think.

I resigned as manager of sweeden as well and wanted to apply to a team in the lower Italian leagues. I Choose Gualdo , a Seria C2 team with only 4000 seats. IMO they were the worse in their league and i kinda cheated by getting their manager fired by adding a new manager there and resigning.

So i had a pretty sh!t team, i wanted to promote however. My first season with them I only signed free players so i spent $0 in total

It was a great season and i shifted through the first and second position in the championship, but in the end i was able to get 2nd. In play-offs i won and now i'm midway throught the Seria B season in fourth place, I have a GREAT tactic, which relies on my great defence.

I hope to make it into the Seria A and try to survive.


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oh and i also forgot to say... (I cant edit my posts due to an edit ban for some gay reason :f***: )

I got the job as coach of Norway and I was in first, all i had to do is beat Lithuania and a really really crappy other nation, and then for my last game I could lose to yugoslavia (which was 2nd)

I tied Lithuania :| and then won the next game and i lost to Yugo..

ah such bad luck, i'm gonna try really hard to beat Portugal in the play-offs


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I've been unemployed for a year, only to end up at Scarborough.

Bobby Donadoni's my right-hand man. Shame he retired from playing one day after signing him :(

Still, got Joao Paiva and Carl Laurie on loan. And some bloke from Bolton.


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I'm in Seria A now with Guald and floating around mid table, i'm hoping for a Uefa spot... I just beat Lazio (1st place) 3-2 after being down 0-2... Rivaldo with a hat-trick in the second half (H) Hes really old tho... and I have another couple of old legends .. Redondo, Yorke and Batistuta (H) +the regen of Chilavert and Tony Adams (H)

Does anyone know how much money you need to build a new/improve a Stadium?? or howbout training facilities?


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I found a way on how to uncrack tactics.

If your tactc has been cracked just edit the wibble wobble screens (ever so sligthly) and the tactic will work again... experiment


anywho... My Kriptonia (Gualdo) game is going great, i have so many great prospects/players and i just rotate them
+ I got Nedved (old) on a free (H)

My first season in Seria A i finished 11th and right now after 13 games i am 4th :P

I'm also managing Belgium and i've qualified to Euro2008, winning all my qualifing games (H) in a group with Spain and Switzerland :S

btw i discovered that Juve in my game have a bank balance of 250 million :O !! They however haven't bought a new player since their first season :| and sold all their good player. Last year and this year they have been in the bottom half of the table... Whats going on with them??


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I finished the season and i got 4th place in the league (Y) (Y)... Yay CL next week. With Belgium I wasn't able to get through the group stages :( of WC final.


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totally agree, CM0102 is still the best engine, it ISNT the best game, but it still runs far more smootly than any other of its succesors.