L77&Nevil72 Italian League Graphic MOD


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Italian League MOD? Seriously?
It's Graphc mod. Only Kit


Youth Team
I am a little bit confused by the specifics of this mod... perhaps you could answer a few questions:

- I notice you say that you added all 4 Juve kits; however, your mod does not include an edited database. How did you add kits without editing the database? Also, what kits did you remove in order to add said kits

- You say that you added all of Serie A, but that league is licenced with real kits already in the game. Perhaps their may be a sponsor here or there that needed updating, but "all Serie A kits are updated". I'm not sure I understand what that means. Do you mean that you were dissatisfied with the quality of the kits that EA created and decided to replace them with your own? If that is the case, perhaps some screenshots would be a good idea.

- Browsing through the list of affected files, I do not see any legacy files edited. Does this mean that the kits do not have minikits as well? The Serie B kits, for example, would then still have the generic unlicenced minikits? That would also mean that the team crests are unchanged as well. No database changes means that Juve is still named Piemonte Calcio with a fake badge (like the photo above).

It sounds like a mod that I would like, particularly with regard to the kit numbers; however, it seems like many edits were not done that would make the mod complete, and many edits were added that are superfluous (unnecessary). Perhaps you could be more specific about what is included in the mod, as I think it pretty vague in the description.

Hi in the explanation I have specified that it is an update of the kits of the series A!
About Juve I repeat I'm not the author of the mod but only the author of the kit!
You have to ask @Nevil72 about this


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L77&Nevil72 Italian League Graphic MOD Version 1.3

Preview Mod  Soccergaming.png


All Series A kits updated
Added all 4 Juventus kits
Added all Serie A numbers
Referee-AIA Series A kits added
Added Serie B kit:

-Ascoli Calcio
-Benevento Calcio
-Chievo Verona
-A.S. Cittadella
-Cosenza Calcio
-U.S. Cremonese
-F.C. Crotone
-Empoli F.C.
-Frosinone Calcio
-S.S. Juve Stabia
-A.S. Livorno Calcio
-A.C. Perugia
-Pescara Calcio
-Pisa SC
-Pordenone Calcio

Installation tips
We recommend using a clean installation of FIFA 20 for this patch.
Frosty Mod Manager v1.0.5.9 is required to run this patch.
You can download it here:
Load the Squads file or Load the teamkits with RDBM20.
You can download it here:

L77 - Kit&Numbers
@Nevil72 - Mod
GalaxyMan2015 - FrostyTool
Rinaldo - RDBM

Alternative Download


Youth Team
Hi everyone, I have difficulty contacting Nevil72! I sent him the material to complete the mod but I had no answers. My hope that he is fine as soon as I have news I will update you!

In fact, I anticipate that if Nevil didn't show up, I need someone who wants to insert my kits in a mod or wants to create one with my kits.
I specify my kits are in Fifa 16 version therefore to be adapted for Fifa 20!