Lancers FIFA 2005 2gk Kit Thread


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Yeah well i will fix the logo m8 but that pic i posted was not of 92/93 it was od 91/92 they switched that year so it was adidas but i will fix the logo


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Happy New Year at all!
I`m back from holidays!
Lancer, would you create the following kits, mate?
The server where the vfb lübeck pics are located is down untill this current moment.

1. FC Union Berlin

Team Logo:

League Logo:

Sponsor Logo: (you have to put "Gruppe" under the sponsor. But you`ll see it by take a look at the kit pics)

Home kit:

Away kit:

3rd kit (shorts like the one of the home, but coloured in the kit colour, white socks)

1. FC Sankt Pauli

Team Logo:

League Logo:



same socks like home

Thanks a lot! :rockman:


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Well when i said i would make classic kits i thought i would make kits from te 1980s amd 90s but his one is a bit older.....

England Away 1930-ish

What do you think?


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Ha! Now thats a great kit! :D

Mate, i have a request, I can just wait 'till you finish your old classic kits though. It's Home/Away Feyenoord fantasy kits, I'd like to see how'd feyenoord look in a adidas jersey instead of Kappa, So i can kinda play it in career mode with my own team. Thanks in advance man! (H)

there you go, sponsors :
Fortis bank and Volkswagen, you place it wherever you think it'd look nice

and here you got an actual can base on them for the away one:


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Sorry, man. I've forgotten the "main sponsor"... it is :

Stad Rotterdam Verzekeringen

Feyenoord kits looked good with that written in a big font in front of the shirt.