Lancers FIFA 2005 2gk Kit Thread


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Yay, :D Superb man! have been waiting for the kit all day. It's just the way i expected, thanks Mate, i really appreciate it.

Just 1 thing, man, I don't wanna be annoyin'..but that's not the Fortis bank
if you have some time, you can change it to "Stad Rotterdam Verzekeringen" like the old kit, and place on the sleeves a Volkswagen logo.

Yay! and can I have a golie and away kit ?? :D
thanks in advance mate!


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Another fine classic, this one i have and love its El Salvadors kit form the mid 1990s when they were with reebok and had a very good team with R. Diaz-Arce, M. Cienfuegos, R. Cerritos, and Zarko Rodriguez

El Salvador Away 1990s



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Good kits man!:hump:

Are you goin`to create the sankt pauli and the Union Berlin kits, or are you goin`to do more traditional kits?


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Well at the moment i'm taking a break from modern kits and make classics but those will be the first i will make when i stat making newer kits again m8


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Now here is a kit that is not only a rerto kit but it is so rare that it was never worn. during WCQ for WC 98 El Salvador had a legit claim at qualifing so prematurly they orderd this kits for the tournament, however we all know that they blew it by drawing 2-2 in San Salvador a game they should have won and lost at the USA thus tey did not make it so all that is left is this kit

El Salvador WC 98 Home ( If they would have made it:( )



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Hey good central american kits... good job bro ! ;)

Lancer: May u make this kit ?... This re the kits home & away of panama for Germany 2006

Here some replies :p

Panama home

Here the game over ur country, El Salvador

The logo of the sleeves and short

The logo of the marck on the front

The logo of the federation goes in the front and in the short



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More details of the kit...

Remember u... in the socks goes the logo of the marck lotto in white

Here the marck...

This marck goes in white... see the photos

And in the neck of kit in the part of the back goes the PANAMA
word in little letters, that goes in white letter, are important details

And sorry 4 my bad english :( :)


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Here some photos so that also you do the one of visit, this is white, with layer of front in blue, the logo of the mark goes different...

here I am going to you to put the logo, layer of the trousers goes in red, and the mark goes as the other q I put you for kit of the premises,with the shield of the federation in the right thigh,

and the same detail of the neck, the back part, goes in PANAMA name in red letters... Thanks and excuse so many annoyances...

Panama away photo:

The logo of the sleeves

The marck lotto of the short goes equal at the home kit of panama...

Thankx and sorry 4 my bad english :( :)


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Allright m8s this is the end of my trip down memory lane i'm back to modern kits so up in coming will be the german kits and the Panama kits


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good job... :hump: but u might fix some things.... :p

To kit of Panama him lack: the captain tape, the white mark lotto in the short, and the name of PANAMA in the later part of the neck, also it needs to the mark lotto in the averages of white color... that is what to improve to him to kit...

thnx ;) :)

PD: and to clear the black mark lotto of the left thigh, that does not go...