Larry Teaches You How To Talk Gangsta


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1.1 Greeting
This section will help in saying Hello and make small talk

"Was Up Man"

Trans: " Hello my friend "

"Yo G, Dat Rave was PHAT!"

"Hello my friend, the party was great!"

"Yo Homey, Dat honey is fly!"

"Hello my friend, that girl is good-looking"

" Why You trippin' foo'?"

" Why are you acting mad/odd"

" I don'ts gots no love fo' da foo'."

" I really don't care for that person."


A high five is the gansta hand shake
STEP 1 - Raise you hand high palm facing the ground
STEP 2 - Say something like:
"WHATS UP" when saying hello
"AWH YEAH" after a good thing
"Slap me some SKIN"
"Hit me"
STEP 3 - IF the person your taking to extends his palm out
then slap it. Proceed to step 5
STEP 4 - If NOT then say
STEP 5 - Now the person sould ask for some back so extend your palm
and let him/her slap it.
* Some varitions apply. If so go with the flow.

Word | Definiton | Other words
Was Up | Hello | Yo, Hey, Sup, Whats Up, Word up
Man | friend | foo', G, homey
Dat | that |
rave | party |
phat | great, nice, good| coo', funky, all dat, da bomb, da ****
| | sweet, cherry, bitchin'
honey | girl | 'ho, bitch, chick, hotty, hooch
fly | good looking | got it goin' on, hot, fine
trippin' | Acting mad or odd| flippin'
love | to like/care |
fo' | for |

1.2 Getting Places

This next section will help you go places.

"Hey Homey, ur lowrider is cherry.
You gotsda phat chromes anda phat hydros.
Yous da daady mac, foo'!!"

"Hello my friend, your car is good(very nice).
You have nice hub caps and the nicest hydralics.
You are a very cool guy, my friend."

"Yo foo', hook me up wid da phat ride!"

"Hello Friend, can you give me a ride?"

" Yo G, lets go cruisin' da scene"

"Hello friend, would you like to go driving on the streets(the city)"

" I give yous props for dat phat ride man."

" I give you thanks for the good ride my friend."

Your Car
A typical car of the gansta are the following:
a caddie = cadilac
a Camino = El Camino
a 'Pala = Impala
a truck = trucks F-150s etc.
After you get a basic car you need to equip it with some special
da Boomers = speakers AKA Boses, da tubs
da hydros = hydralics so your car can "hop"
da chromes = chrome hubcaps
also it must be LOW to the ground this is the most impotant

ur | your |
lowrider | car | caddie, camino, 'Pala
gotsda | have the |
chromes | chrome hub caps | hubs
anda | and the |
hydros | hydralics | dralics
yous | you are |
daddy mac | a cool guy | pimp daddy, da man, mac daddy,
| | player
hook me up | give me | kick down, slap me (down)
wid | with |
cruisin' | driving | pimpin', rollin'
scene | the street, the city |
boomers | speakers | Boses, da tubs
props | thanks, support |

1.3 The Bank & 7-11 & Warehouse

"Yo BITCH, I needs a Carlos*sn' a Lincon,
An sum ones. Don't gots all day, bitch."

"Excuse me mam, I need a $20 a $5 and a few ones.
Could you please hurry?"

" Sup G, I jus stole da fresh gangsta CD!!"

" Hello my friend, I just got the newest rap CD!!"

" I was chillin' down at da sevn-leven whens da foo'-assed
clerk gets the hand cannon on me!!!"

" I was having fun at 7-11 when the stupid clerk tried to shoot
me with a .357 magnum."

" Yo bitch, I didn't ask for no sprinkles!!"

" Excuse me mam, I don't recall asking for sprinkles."

" Did you getsda cigs foo'? "

" Did you steal any cigarettes my friend?"

The 7-11

ALWAYS get the biggest drink possible. EVEN if the drink
is taller than you. Always take a few test tries before
you make a decision. Stealing cigarettes as possible is a bonus.

Bitch | mam * in this case |
needs | need |
Carlos*sn' | a $20 |
Lincon | a $5 |
sum | a few, some |
gots | have |
jus | just |
stole | got, bought |
fresh | new |
gangsta | rap | old school
chillin' | having fun | kickin' it, mackin', pimpin',
| | layin' back, maxin'
down at | at |
sevn-leven | 7-11 |
whens | when |
foo'-assed | stupid | dumb ass etc.
gets da | put a, pulled a |
hand-cannon | .357 or .44 magnum | gat, 9 mil, glock, AK, heat, MAC 10
getsda | get the |
cigs | cigarettes | marbs', Joes, bones

1.4 Protecting yorself
This section will help in easing in and out of fights
**MOM jokes sold seperatly**

" Was up wid Dat Foo'"

" Why did you just make that offense action!!!"

" Back da **** up G"

" Watch out!"

" Why you talkin' trash foo'?"

" Why are you saying offensive things about me?"

" I got ur back G"

" You have my proctection my friend."

"What up now bitch"

"Look who is the loser now woman!!"

Intiating a fight
Step 1 - Pick a person you think sucks and you can physically maim.
Step 2 - To start a fight tell your enemy jokes about his mom.
HINT: Yous your worst your mom jokes
Step 3 - If he/she responds with another mom joke worse than yours
drop you back pack, throw your arms up and say:
"Step Up Bitch"
"Whats Up wid dat foo'"
"You wanna put the schmack down?"
Or your best your mom joke.
Step 4 - If he can come up with any good insult forget him/her.
Step 5 - If you win go to step 6
If not go to step 7
Step 6 - Gloat. Embaress him emotionally now. Say things about his
"Next time Check yoself before you wreak yoself"
"What up now bitch!"
Spit on him/her
Step 7 - Demand rematches. Get your "cru" to herass him/her.

Foo' | in this case, fool | G
Back da **** up| watch out |
talkin' trash | saying rude things | talkin' ****/schmack
bitch | insult to a male | 'ho
yoself | your self |
What up now | Who's the man now | Check yoself before you break yoself
put the schmack down | want to fight | Step Up, Whats Up wid dat

1.5 Marijuana, Liquor, & other Drugs
In no way do we support drugs but he is how to get them.

" AW YEAH! Dis buddha be all dat, homey!

" My, my, my, this is some good marijuana."

" I gotsda fotie right here G!!"

" I have some liqour right here."

" Lets book da honky pigs a comin'"

" We better run from the cops who are coming."


If you wish to be a gangsta' get well versed in drug and drug use.
Find who, where and how to get all the drugs you want to try.

AW YEAH! | an exclamation | woohawh, tadow, pladow, boo yeah
buddha | marijuana | Bong, weed, hash(isis), da B
| | da ****, da hydrochronic, MARY
be | is |
fotie | forty ounce, liquor | JD, boose
book | run away | haulin'
a comin' | coming |


A gangsta walks up to you arms raised. He says," Step Up bitch."
(A) Throw you arms up and say," What up wid dat
(B) Give him a hug.
(C) Talk about his car in a positive manner.

You are by your car and a gansta says," Hook me up wid da phat
ride, G."
(A) Plow him over for saying something about
you girlfriend.
(B) Say, "Sure, homey."
(C) Say "Step up Bitch."
(D) Run, cuz he wants to steal your car.

You are asked by a gangsta friend, " You gots my back G?"

(A) Say " You bitch, Hook me up wid a fotie."
(B) Say," I gets my cru and we help yous."
(C) Say, " Excuse me, your on my foot."

ANSWERS 1) A 2) B 3) B
NOTE * If you answer all D, help me write "WUSS TALK"


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LOL funny posts larry
lemme see if i got this right,

"Yo Dogg! wassup G, dems some phat kicks, i gots to get me some of dose up in herrrre.
I gots ta bounce homies, peace out foo's"

How did i do??
Cheap vaporizer
Thanks Dr. Larry you have helped me grow 3 inches in just over 24 hours....

Whats this have to do with our convo lastnight.

#1 Stunna

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no, its "Shut the f*ck up foo'!"

but man this takes me back to when i used to live in Long Beach, nothin but G's and homies cruisin in their lowriders. (H)


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Yeah dude, you're definitely wrong on the handshake, it's not just a slap. I don't know what hood you're from, but you'd be labeled uncool just by doing the shake. And of course once you open your mouth with those phrases someone SHOULD kick your ass.