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Last movie you watched

Discussion in 'SG Players Lounge' started by Hakeem, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. chygry

    chygry Starting XI

    Oct 28, 2012
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    lol, I have nothing against Azrael despite him pretty much hating on me. But it's peace and quiet around here anyway, without him. I even miss the old hijueputa to be fair. Where is he, or did he quit the forum like many others?

    Well, obviously I like drugs once in awhile, but I don't do anything else from you know what. And it would feel really weird doing that kind of stuff over there. Dunno. I don't really care for that, for some reason it would probably feel wrong doing it over there. I'd rather much enjoy just being there. It's a very big dream of mine.

    Your old university had a lot of drug people? :D

    I'm telling you, someday hopefully.

    And you know what, I had this great idea. Next year it's World Cup, it's in Russia. And I hope Colombia gets into some group that has some match in St. Petersburg. It's not that far way and I would absolutely love to see the team playing live. I've never seen a big football match in all truth. Except for some local club getting trashed by Ipswitch Town and Derby Country in the beginning of the noughties. If you can call them big matches in all truth, they were friendly matches afterall.

    You might already know that I'm a huge fan of your country's football team (I watch every match, follow how the players are doing in their respective teams, etc), and it would be a another dream of mine seeing them play at the World Cup. It's something I'm thinking about.


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