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Learn More about OSRS Konar & Tasakaal from Kebos Lowlands

Discussion in 'Other Management Games' started by purple55, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. purple55

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    Mar 20, 2018
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    You must have been expecting the release of OSRS Kebos Lowlands. Well, here is news about its two newly released characters. One is the expected Slayer Master Konar, who assigns players tasks; the other is the golem-like race, Tasa Kaal, who work with her to balance life and death.

    The design of the Slayer Master Konar and Tassa Kaal
    Konar is a female Kahlith Slayer Master you can find in the area of Brimstone. All member players with 75 Combat or more can receive tasks from her. Each of her assignments will bring you slayer reward points, the amount of which will depend on whether you have completed the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary. There is a list for you to learn the details (The latter numbers are points granted after you finish the diary. )
    Normal task 18 20
    Every 10th task 90 100
    Every 50th task 270 300
    Every 100th task 450 500
    Every 250th task 630 700
    Every 1,000th task 900 1,000
    All kills you make in a task will bring you a chance to hit a global drop table, where you can even get loots like dragon hasta. And the more difficult your task is, the more likely you will hit the table.

    The interesting thing is that the features now belong to Konar were for Tasakaal. It is a golem-like race found in Mount Karuulm. Tasakaal means balance in Estonian, which partly reflect the current job of this character: working with the Kahlith to maintain the balance between life and death.

    What do players think about the designs?

    The players are generally satisfied with the designs of the characters. They have showed their love to them and offered some valuable advice. Of course, quite a lot of players are eagerly expecting to get tasks from Konar.

    The designs of OSRS Konar & Tasakaal make the release of Kebos Lowlands more and more worthy of expecting. Jan. 10 will not be too far away, it is good time now to buy cheap OSRS gold from RSorder.

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