Less than 1 month left until WE 9 gets released in North America


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shotta said:
Hey jumbo we go back a while now bro.I remember you on playstation.com sports forum.when we all where playing WE6 and bashing on fifa 2004 when it first came online on ps2.I can also go back when you first got your xbox back then pes3 first came online on xbox and all those people that didnt care about xbox went out spending money to buy xbox just to play pes3 in europe online another konami master plan for MS.the peeps in USA got hipe up thinking WE7 was also going to be online then rumors spreading that it was. then come to find out no online for USA next year WE8 came out same rumors about online in USA but we got dupe again and some of us went to the pc version just to play online. thanks to guys like wolf for giving us patches so we can play online with nice kits,and the real names. now its WE9 and its online for the first time for ps2 and xbox in the USA. so now we talking about what is it going to be like will it have the transfers updated will the online be better than pes5 will all the bugs be fix.I give much respect to those in usa that waited out for the feb release and didnt go out like me and got pes5 just to play online and will end up having 2 games pes5 and WE9 dont forget about all the people that got piss this year that there is no LAN OR IP TO IP so where is all this going people still crying about the gameplay this year on pes5 with all the fouls and how much its harder to score goals and the auto side step move the player makes when you didnt ask him to do so.where is konami going with this game only the future knows peace.


i know what you're saying. i remember all that stuff. i was one of those that was hyped for the xbox version and almost got a EURO xbox and PES. changed my mind at the last moment because we8 pc was coming out with online. i was really dissapointed with that version like i said.

just to clear things up - i'm not saying that WE PC sucks and people shouldn't buy. i just know that here in the US, there won't be many people playing that because consoles gaming is mainstream and especially sports games - not a lot of people play those on PC. The casuals will be playin WE on xbox/ps2 as opposed to PC. so what i'm sayin is if you want more people to play with, go for the console ver.


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Yeah when WE9 comes I'm getting it for xbox since I already have pes5 on pc online, plus I will be playing with my xbox league that will really be fun,http://www.xblln.com/ anyone thats mature individual with a xbox live account please check us out all the info you need can be found on the website


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italy74 said:
anybody getting it for the psp

Im actually thinking of buying a PSP so for sure WE9( would be the 1st game id get im just not sure if a PSP is worth it or not since i dont know anyone that has one.


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Psp is not practical for me at all I rather play on a console or pc. maybe if I was going on a trip, or had a boring job where i can waste time on a psp to make my hrs go by fast. then i sure own one :corn: :amika: :bob:


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i will only getting it for xbox and pc if it is backward compatible with 360.
i got pes5 but i will still get it for pc... to play online with more US people.
as for the PSP version.... i do have the WE9 japanese edition but i dun think i will get the we9i version of psp since it is useless (i hate the no commentary thing)

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My local EB said the release date for WE9I is the 7th but they won't get it in till the 8th. Does anyone know know of a U.S. retailer that is suppossed to get it in on the 7th? I can't wait. :(