Liverpool vs. Chelsea (2nd leg) [P+R]


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garlei;2318379 said:
how typical...welcome to Liverpool Pepe

Liverpool spot kick hero burgled
Liverpool FC's heroic goalkeeper Pepe Reina was burgled on Tuesday night as he was helping send the club through to the Champions League final.

The 24-year-old Spaniard saved two out of three spot kicks in a penalty shoot-out against Chelsea at Anfield.
But he returned from celebrating the win in the early hours of Wednesday to find his home in Woolton, Liverpool, had been ransacked.
A number of high value items and the player's Porsche Cayenne was taken.

ahahaha what a hero's welcome [Alex](H)(Y)[/Alex]


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i prefer Man Utd at the final...i feel that Milan wont miss the chance vs Liverpool 2 times in a row

great performance by the lads


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Amika;2318196 said:
mourihno teach his team to do all the talking off the field instead of on the field.. and now getting what he is asking for when it's really matter.. so now according to mourihno's view, he should be sack now cause he can't win the biggest prize in football for chelski for 3 years now.. :p another thing is.. now why does a "small" club like us always reach the CL final when a "big" club like chelski always failed to do so?? :D

great job lads!!! 2 CL finals in 3 seasons..

Because we were busy winning the EPL title for the last two seasons. Something Liverpool has not been able to do for a very long time now.The biggest prize in football for most English fans is the Premier League Championship. Maybe to a non English Liverpool fan this is not the case. You obviously do not realise how important the title is here. OR maybe you don't wanna talk about it because Liverpool can't win it. Give me the league title any time over the CL thanks.

Also the reason that we do not have a history of reaching the CL final is perhaps because, prior to 3 seasons ago, Liverpool were by far ( along with Man U), the richest teams in England. We were always a very poor club who generally could not attract good players when competing with the big money clubs like Liverpool and Man U. all the smarter Liverpool fans on the forums :D (of which I have a few friends), Congrats on reaching another CL final. Can't say either team deserved it but if you miss 2 pens then you definately aint gonna make it are you?

so well done to Liverpool for making it.(Y)

You horrible scouse red and white bindipping poncing off the government car thieving wankers:funny:


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This is something I don't understand, I mean, overall the past decade, I think all the big teams like ManU, Liverpool, Real Madrid, etc. spent much more than Chelsea on players, in fact, I'm pretty sure that the records for highets transfer fee were being broken yearly by ManU. But I don't remember people complaining. Is it because Roman came out of nowhere and started spending a whole lot in a few seasons? Well what do you expect? Do you want him to spend very little and slowly increase the club's fortunes? I might be wrong, but I don't think that Chelsea spends that much more than other big teams, but people seem to have a problem because they 'bought their way'. Without money, no team can succeed. Unless of course, you get young, loyal extremely talented players with 10 years contracts who will take the club up and never leave, oh, and you'll also need a constant pool of talented youngstrs of the same mould if you don't want to spend a lot of money.

Chelsea have money, but we all know that when it comes down to it, they play well and have a great team and manager, this besides spending the money well.

So stop bitching about Chelsea's money, because frankly, whenever you do that, all I can think is that it's very hard for you to come up with anything about their playing to complain about.


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lol15;2318641 said:
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Polish dude, really, you're not doing Chelsea any favors by making the fan base look like idiots, and I'd know I did that and I apologise for having done it, but come on, grow up, Pool are a good team and there's no shame in going out of the Semi's against them.


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ShearerM4;2318661 said:
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