LMAO video - must see!!!


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I was playing with Inter against AC Milan, 6*, it was 75 min, 5-1 my lead. Crespo from AC Milan was running with the ball towards my goal, so I closed him down with my defender. Then something crazy happened - I've SCARED Crespo with my defender, he stopped and left the ball to me and run away LOL! (I didn't even touched him!!). I've only used supercancel move while he was running with the ball.
Poor CPU, he's becoming scared of me, must go easy on him otherwise he could say "I don't want to play with you anymore" :D

Here is the link, 1mb (sound included !!!):
http://www.softlab.ece.ntua.gr/~sivann/pub/Uploaded/Scary movie by ge4ce.avi


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Can you tell me what doesn't work for you?
You can't download it or?

Link works perfectly for me (right click/save target as...).


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It downloads but then pauses on a screen showing crespo at the half way line then it just plays a sound of people laughing and commentary, all i see is a paused screen though! :brow: