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Okay, boys n' girls!

Obviously no one seems to be completly satasfied with previous FIFA Football releases, so let us use the time in between the next FIFA release for a mature discussion on what should be improved by EA Games in upcoming releases (FIFA 2006).

A wise man once said; "opinions are like ***holes, everyone got one" - let's hear your opinion. What should be changed and what should be kept... Debates like this one probably isn't new but the idea is that after a month or two (should a lot of people respond to this thread) we mail this link straight to EA Sports so they can see what their users want. Therefore, please, do NOT write an essay when you are posting what you want to see improved so the poor guy's at EA won't have to read more than they have. Keep it very short, with little comments only. I'm sure they will catch your point.

I think EA has done a poor job pleasing us. We've had no changes since FIFA 2003 when the kits got more detailed with commercials etc. but eventually this led to a decreaed gameplay which proved itself to be pretty obvious in FIFA 2004 - the game simply sucked, EA - but mistakes are alright, as long as you learn from them....

Here are my point of views!

1. More tournaments (Champions League, FIFA World Cup, Copa America, EURO 2004 etc.) We are sick of being used like we are with another release popping up on the market two month later as we approach the FIFA 2006 Worlc Cup...Include this feature right away...To most people it would seem like you are ripping us off...

2. You got pretty much every license needed, but go get the last....We would love to see Nike kits and national teams like Chile, Columbia, Panama (all the smaller teams, which I feel would unite FIFA-players more) Also speaking of licenses, what about getting those Nike licenses... To me Nike does only rip poor Asians off by their child labour (which has been proven...) maybe they should prove me wrong by at least offering their license to EA for free instead of wasting billions of dollars on contracts with players (you know who I mean, Ronaldo...!)

3. The kits...We want details...Honestly, right now they look like something I've thrown up after a night in town....Blurry is probably the word I'm looking for...So please, give us detailed kits (KIT MAKERS, THIS IS WHERE YOU OUGHT TO HELP EA, IN CASE THEY ARE NOT AWARE OF YOUR WONDERFUL 2GK CREATION....BEST INVENTION SINCE THE WHEEL)...

Mikkel Sohn
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Well....i first have to appreciate EA for the good job they have done in the CL game although i have only played the demo....but here r a few points
for FIFA 2006

1. Include more national teams...like 2002
2. Have more refs in the game....like 2003 had.
3. Make more cinematics and a bit longer.
4. The gameplay in CL game is really gr8. I cant say what to tweak in that engine but i would have more points once i play the full game

Thats it for now


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How 'bout correct stadium names? Even if they dont want to make them completely accurate in terms of looks, it would be cool if (at least in the loading screen) it said the name of the stadium, even for teams with Generic ones.


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how about if they have kits make them good!!!
stadiums, they should make them picture perfect, ea have all the stuff they need to do so so why not!!!
more national teams
more options in career eg. national coach, national selection etc (thanks falco fer ideas)
and finally longer and better cinematics, they r getting too much alike, have u eva tried looking at ariel santarelli's work at www.socceraccess.net, could sure doya sum help


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1) There will always be FIFA 20XX.

2) The will always be one in between each annual FIFA (UEFA 2004, UEFA-CL and most probable FIFA World Cup 06). This is why night games were messed up in 05 (so you would buy UEFA-CL) and is why International teams will be dropped from 06 (So you will buy the FIFA World Cup 06)If they include it they cant sell it to you again in March! I fortell now there will be no Internationals in FIFA 06.

3) FIFA will always be made for the CONSOLE market, which means it has to look great at [email protected], like for the X-BOX and stuff everyone else.

4) For crying out loud FIFA I dont have £350 worth of Graphics card for 800x600!!


6) If you insist on using the engine yet again FOR CRYING OUT LOUD RE-ENABLE RENDER_EVERY_AI_FRAME

7) The communities kit work puts you to shame. Make everything 2gk yourself! Yes for us, the PC guys!! Keep the naff stuff for the consoles!

Thank you for listening


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If FIFA releases everything in one go (champs league, all the international teams), it means one less game every spring. And one less game means less PROFIT. Sure they want to make a good game but they also want to make money from all the kids who must have everything yesterday.

I don't understand all this fuss about having the Nike license. What difference does one pathetic little tick on the back of a shirt make?

Anyway, my improvements:

1. More national teams.

2. More club teams. Make "rest of world" actually mean just that.

3. Make tournament creation more flexible. And give us back the bloody animations! Make tournament finals at a neutral venue. It makes winning tournaments boring. Sense of achievement fades somewhat.

4. Make crowd sizes more realistic. Torquay vs Hull @ Parc Des Princes = capacity crowd????? Methinks not.

5. Either put better music in the juke box or get rid. Use the disk space to give us more teams / leagues. If I want music I'll buy the CDs thankyou.

6. Get rid of the store. I want everything available. But instead I have to win tournaments. As already stated, winning tournaments is boring.

No essays? Shoot me.


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A game that went really well in my opinion was Euro 2004. Of course you could do much better with gameplay and graphics (and I'm sure you will) but other things, like more options concerning the time of day and the number of National teams. A creation centre is a good idea. Personally, a classic mode would be enough to sell the game to me, but that's just me...

...And how could I forget. Teams from the "lesser countries" to make a good rest of... pack.


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1. more club and national teams especially from other continental like asian, oceania etc....)

2. yep...about the jukebox. why dont you put a 'famous' song and good music in it. i dont really like the song in fifa 2005.

3. more greater gameplay. uefacl 04-05 has good gameplay/engine, but maybe EA should add more tackle like in fifa 02 (the 360º spin, the one-two)

please....hope you listen to us.


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i say throw world cup, champs lge, euro (you get international job offers on top of club, can do 2 at a time), that manager game only out in england all into one, 65-70$ (instead of 50 for ps2) package. then everyone is happy. we get our ultimate game, and EA get their damn profits.


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Let us see, where do we start… oh yeah complaints about FIFA (EA Canada).

Here is what we all want (yeah, the stuff EA doesn't include year after year after year...):

1) Creation Zone (like in FIFA 2002)/ TEAM and Player Editor (what we have this year is pitiful)
2) More S. American Countries/ international teams:
-Ecuador (they were in the last World Cup yet EA took them out).
-Chile (country with a lot of World Cup experience)
-Peru (has important players in Spain, England, Germany: Rebosio, Pizarro, Solano etc.)
-Colombia (because it is not smart to make Colombians angry… just kidding some of my friends are from there)
Oh yeah, and where the hell is Holland (yes I know it is in Europe). Include Holland for 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Include Japan and Korea too (just two of the hosts of WC 2002)!
3) Argentinean League
4) International Tournament (A real one this time, no time to take 15 minutes setting one up every time…ridiculous!!!!!!!!)
5) Rewards:
- Classic teams (Brazil’s 1962 team with Pele, Maradona with Napoli, etc)
- Unlock new moves (to be used during gameplay)
- Unlock Video Footage (best goals in a World Cup etc)
6) More passionate celebrations after scoring and after winning tournament
7) Give us the ability to tackle (foul) the keeper; it is our right OK!!!!!!!!
9) Keep menus simple like in FIFA 2002, 2003 etc.
8) Show animation for substitutions (like in FIFA 2002)
9) UEFA and ECC championships available
10) Put your face in the game option (like in the hockey games). Well, if it can be done.
11) COPA LIBERTADORES (Club Championship is just silly. The Libertadores is the biggest tournament in the Americas)
12) South American chants!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Darn, I am sick of how European EA makes this game. Hello, there are also soccer fans outside of Europe. Besides, don’t Europeans already get their own version of FIFA?
13) Don’t be afraid to freaking include more S. American clubs (besides Brazilian I mean… and no, we are not satisfied with you adding just two Argentinean team).
14) LET ME SEE SOME PASION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Show the crowd going nuts, the players acting bunkers after a goal.
15) BE CREATIVE (I know, I know, it is cold and stuff up there but still come on!!!!!!!!!). NEED HELP being creative? Play ESPN Football and learn about creativity, and giving buyers what they want…

I could really go on... :jambo:


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Well this are my ideas:

-Put more Asia, Africa, Oceania and S. America Nationals Team 'cause this year most of the Nationals teams are from Europe, remenber that there's also football outside Europe. And also where they left Holland!

-Where are the great leagues from S. America, where's the Argentinian League, with Rosario, Banfield and San Lorenzo, just for say some. And also where's the last champion of the Copa Libertadores the Once Caldas from Colombia and where's Colo Colo, U. de Chile, where!!

-Copa Libertadores

-The Jukebox, put less songs and of course betters, 'cause this year songs were most of them terrible

-The idea of the EA store i s just terrible, i mean it would be better that with each league that you win, you win a classic team or a cinematic, but not the kits, 'cause they are sacred

-Also it would be great to put the Greek League, Turkish, J-League and the A-League

-The idea of managing a national team

-Put the referee again!!

-The stadiums make better

-The crowd is just so unrealistic

-More weather options

-I want to tackle the kepper, change my forward to kepper and viceversa (it was fun)

That's all i can remenber now :ewan: