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Mago Valdivia

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Finally! The 2014 Netherlands kits I was working on. RX3 files in the link below.

Home Jersey

Home Shorts (I prefer them black for Netherlands, but I read they're gonna be white)

Home Alternate Shorts

Away Jersey (Yes, for those who didn't know yet, Netherlands is supposed to be going back to the blue away kit)

Away Shorts


Mago Valdivia

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I'm back!
I made this one a lot of time ago, it's Manchester United classic kit, 1958 style

Home Jersey (Collar 7)

GK Jersey (Collar 0)

Shorts (both Home and GK)

Coming up:
- Adidas kits for Man United
- Chelsea 14-15 Home (alternate socks included)
- Honduras 2014 World Cup kits
- O'Higgins fantasy kit

Mago Valdivia

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Haven't had much time for kitmaking, but no matter that, I'm bringing you a new "Fusion" kitpack, this time for Tottenham

For this one I took some elements from 12-13 and 13-14 kits, as well as previous Under Armour templates, and a very little detail from Nike Total 90




GK Home

GK Away

Revolution Mod Codes (these go in "team18.lua")
assignKitDetails(18,0,-1,"001450",-1,-1,13,1,-1,7) --Home
assignKitDetails(18,1,-1,"D9D9D9",-1,-1,1,13,-1,7) --Away
assignKitDetails(18,2,-1,"001450",-1,-1,13,13,-1,0) --GK
assignKitDetails(18,3,-1,"001450",-1,-1,13,13,-1,7) --Third
assignKitDetails(18,4,-1,"001450",-1,-1,13,13,-1,7) --Home 2 (All-White)
assignKitDetails(18,6,-1,"001450",-1,-1,13,1,-1,7) --Home 3 (Navy Shorts and Socks)
assignKitDetails(18,7,-1,"D9D9D9",-1,-1,1,1,-1,7) --Away 2 (All Navy)
assignKitDetails(18,8,-1,"D9D9D9",-1,-1,1,13,-1,7) --Away 3 (White Shorts and Socks)
assignKitDetails(18,31,-1,"001450",-1,-1,13,13,-1,0) --GK Away

assignGameKit(18,19,18,0,6) [email protected] Ham
assignGameKit(18,17,18,1,8) [email protected]
assignGameKit(18,106,18,1,8) [email protected]
assignGameKit(18,1960,18,1,7) [email protected]

Download RX3 (includes UCL and UEL kits)

PS: Juventus Adidas Kitpack is on its way. Stay tuned.