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::Hagi::;3851918 said:
Are you serious? He did those numbers already. Use the search function or look some pages back.

It's also rude as hell to just post a picture without saying anything.
It's basically like "Here. Do this."


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So good that someone is handling BBVA kits! :) Makispla, do you take requests for kit numbers? I was thinking of Napoli numbers and font of course.


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You like other KITMAKERS should create another specific topic of the season (2016).

To be released when Fifa 16, the material will be used.
It will be more organized in the new GD soccergaming that will create the FIFA 16.

So, how is sucks. Because the new kits, are mixed without any logic and organization.

I sent a PM to a moderator, analyze what can be done.


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Manchester City 15/16 C.L. numbers