Man Utd v Chelsea [P/R]

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Chelsea 4 - 2 Man Utd

Money can get you anything, Chelsea are starting to look like the former Real Madrid


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Do you think Wenger will be watching?



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For the first time am predicting a man u loss :kader: Just imagine: essien, lampard v/s Smith, scholes.
Man u 0 - 2 Chelsea Ferdinand OG + lampard penalty :rolleyes:


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Chelsea 2-0, Lampard deflected shot. Lampard penalty.

Possibly 3-0 with Gudjohnsen scoring against us like always. Fletcher will start and peform terribly like always.


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I dont know why Ferguson starts Fletcher, maybe its racist propaganda to pick Scots for more things?


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Rob said:
The forum crashed, and :(
Who cares, the comment and response was genius

although my successive comments would have been

also, this
Rob said:
Do you think Wenger will be watching?

well, kudos to the Sun for finally doing something, along with their page 3 women, worth looking at. They could have made the team logo a bit more convincing looking, though
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