Man Utd v Liverpool [P + R]


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Oh Stevie Stevie G.... u love kissing the camera at Old Trafford but that must have felt like u've just kissed DIMITAR BERBATOV's arse!!!


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merieles i think (whoever was next to the wall) was actually really clever on that gerrard goal


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Our defense is really worrying me a lot. Evans is Championship level at most. I know he's young and will improve but he shouldn't be starting over Ferdinand now. O'Shea is just... O'Shea. Probably should've been sent off as he was the last defender for that challenge. But the replays didn't show much, so I cannot tell for sure. Credits to him for that superb cross to Berbatov's winner though. Fletcher has been horrible. He misplaced so many balls and decided to get off the wall for no reason leading to that goal.

We could've won 3-0 imo. Liverpool were nothing but a Europa team today imo and were totally gifted the 2 goals. Otherwise they were hardly threatening most of the time.


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Should have murdered them. Stupid naive defending from Evans and O'Shea. Berbatov was out of this world.

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O'Shea should not have been sent off. It wasn't a goal scoring opportunity.
Defense will improve, hopefully we get the Vida-Rio partnership back going again.


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im starting to worry for rooney though...
oif berba loses his consistency...
rooney in the current form would be a disaster for us

and when will fergie throw owen out of the team ? he's using the space for havier and co..
good to see macheda get a runabout


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Don't worry about Rooney for now. He'll pick up his form soon. I thought he played quite well today. He did well in the build up play... So at least he's giving us a lot of creativity even though not scoring. He's playing more like in the Ronaldo days when he used to assist rather than score.

Fergie said that he's not thinking of selling Owen to Aston Villa and said Houllier is wasting his time considering getting Owen.


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We are in shadows... that is all i can say. I don´t know why Roy bringed on Jovanovic and Agger... Meireles was doing a good job, the same with Konchesky, he wouldn´t have let O´shea cross the ball to Berbatov. :@ but i have to say Manu deserved it. We would have been lucky to draw.