Manager Creation Question


Youth Team
Hello guys!!! I am trying to make some Managers and I have some help!!!

For every Manager there is two files that we should export from data3.big.
Something like manager_x_x_x.rx3 and manager_x_x_x_x_textures.rx3.
As I know, first file is the model and second is the texture. Using File Master
we can see the textures and take what we want. But, what about the model file???
I mean, how do we know which of these files we should put together with our texture file???

Does anybody knows what these model files means?

manager_0_0_0.rx3 = ?
manager_0_0_1.rx3 = ?
manager_0_1_0.rx3 = ?
manager_0_1_1.rx3 = ?
manager_0_2_0.rx3 = ?
manager_0_2_1.rx3 = ?

manager_1_0_0.rx3 = ?
manager_1_0_1.rx3 = ?
manager_1_1_0.rx3 = ?
manager_1_1_1.rx3 = ?
manager_1_2_0.rx3 = ?
manager_1_2_1.rx3 = ?

manager_2_0_0.rx3 = ?
manager_2_0_1.rx3 = ?
manager_2_1_0.rx3 = ?
manager_2_1_1.rx3 = ?
manager_2_2_0.rx3 = ?
manager_2_2_1.rx3 = ?

Here is an example of my work... Thank you in advance!!!


Youth Team
manager_(0-suit, 1-shirt, 2-tracksuit)_(0-thin body, 1-medium body, 2-fat body)_(0-regular, 1-with coat).rx3

manager_(0-suit, 1-shirt, 2-tracksuit)_(skin color)_(clothing color)_(0-regular, 1-with coat)_textures.rx3

I devoted about 15-20 minuts to discovered this before answered to you (using FIFA File Explorer 2014 and FIFA 14 3D Importer/Exporter).
I did not understand what hinder to you make the same discover?!

This is example of a another work Picture.