Manager Mode freeze

Ajax Rulezzz

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It's a big problem for most of the fifa-players. I was at the end of the 3th season and by 74% it freezes by the scouting. I have 27 players in my squad. Someone who can make a patch that solve this problem? EA ignores it for like 4 years I am sick of it. Can someone help me, please?


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I never use the scounting option. I just transfer good players. Of course, you need to earn lot of money. Try to edit the career.ini , in order to earn more money per game and buy well-known players


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I've got a freeze now on my PS2. I just got to my 3rd season as well, first friendly match, if i go to "Next Match" I get the background "Manager Central" then nothing. Just sits there. Is there anything I'm not thinking of? Someway around this? To sim a game or bypass a game without going to "Next Match?" I've got 33 players, is that a problem? Of course, I can't get rid of them because I can't play a match. Suggestions?


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Yeah I am in my third year of mananger mode. When I either play the game and then at the of it the simulation of other games, or whether I simulate my g ame as well the game freezes at the exact same percnt (it is like 64% or sumfin). SOMEONE PLEASE HELPPPPPPPP