Manager/Owner League


Club Supporter
Probably sounds odd to most, but I've used the FIFA franchise to run a manager/owner league for a number of years now. The set-up is simple; you buy players via auction each summer and winter to create a team. Once the team is complete, you submit a team-sheet and our league uses the FIFA game to simulate the action. We record the game and post the clip/stats to our website. You can trade with other teams and a keeper system is in place from year to year to ensure some team continuity. We have 32 teams with owners from all over the globe, competing in league and tournament play. We might have an opening coming up and we currently have manager openings for the Academy teams (teams send 23 and under players there to earn money and team boosts). If you're interested in hearing more, email me at lp2soccerleague at g mail or just reply here. If you're looking for a unique way to enjoy this awesome game and don't have the time to play head to head online, this just might be your fix! Oh, and we have a super awesome website and everything is free.