Manchester United [2012-2013]

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Carrick's there purely for composure and experience. A young side could easily buckle under the atmosphere at Gala.

Observation: Rafael's composure and control is just fantastic. From before where he looked constantly fired up and on the edge, now he looks composed and incredibly mature. He's been our most consistent player so far this season in my opinion.


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Galatasaray are ******* divers. Falling down and wasting time everytime they're touched.

Good game so far btw.
He's also added that to his game going forward. His crossing has been a lot better this season. I see the point with Carrick. I was still hoping to see a few more youngsters.


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I expected more motivation from players like Anderson, Fletcher and Chicharito who claim consistent games. Tbh, Chicharito is more useful as a sub,he plays with more hunger and energy.

and yet another cross ... :(


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I think it worths a mention here :

Manchester United unveil new statue of Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford

A statue of Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has been unveiled under the stand bearing his name at Old Trafford.

Over 2,500 people attended, including former United greats Sir Bobby Charlton, Peter Schmeichel, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Andy Cole, Denis Irwin, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Edwin van der Sar and Eric Cantona.

And Ferguson's wife, Lady Cathy, stood next to her husband as she unveiled the new statue on Friday.

"Normally people die before they have a statue. I'm outliving death," joked the United manager to the crowd.

"It is an incredible journey I've had at the club. I have managed so many great players and some of them are here today.

"They should actually build a statue for all of them. They have been fantastic players to have.

"I have been very privileged to deal with such great players from 1986 through to today. They have given us all enormous pleasure.

"We all have a part to play, the manager, all the coaches and the medical staff. They have also played their part.

"I am really proud today. It is a fantastic honour. I would like to thank the Manchester United directors, owners and all the people involved in this decision."


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die already fergie..die..
he is getting united into a mess by buying van pussy who isnt required and is surplus..blocking the progress of macheda and all


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A Michael Owen one sitting on a park bench near the stadium would make good street art and a discussion point for tourists walking to the stadium.

A statue of a prawn sandwich would also be pretty cool.


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VanTheMan;3346374 said:
die already fergie..die..
he is getting united into a mess by buying van pussy who isnt required and is surplus..blocking the progress of macheda and all
I don't know why I'm even relpying to you, i also thought that RVP was a one season wonder, but i've got to admit that he's great... One of the best strikers in Europe besides Messi, Falcao & Cristiano (although he players as winger, some times as a forward)...
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