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Sir C;3484939 said:
Well he could never emulate them because he didnt come up through the academy, and as much as I love Rooney as a player you have got to admit that he is pretty damn thick and prone to bad advice... one of my friends' fathers is a sports journalist (Jim White) who regularly meets him and says that in person, unscripted he is actually so slow and simple he would possibly be defined as mentally retarded if he were not a gifted footballer. Pretty much everything he does is as a result of bad advice - look at the people he is surrounded by, his father is a bastard and his agent a former door to door vacuum cleaner salesman.

Best football journalist I've seen. You must be getting all these crazy insights on players


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Created a wallpaper to welcome our new manager. Just right-click and save to your PC. Enjoy fellas:

And here is one for our beloved Ferguson:



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I suppose this means ManU will wijn the race for Fellaini. Shame, but I'll take Mou over Moyes and Fellaini any day. Besides, so long as we get a creator it doesn't really matter that much, although it does greatly strengthen a rival.

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Back Door Skip;3485602 said:
So ManU goes from a pale face, eyebrowless, rosy cheeked Scott to another.

What I don't get is why the emphasis on Scottish? I don't know how many people actually understand the logic in choosing another manager of Scottish descent?

Has the state of the pro game in England, among those with an English nationality, become so poor that the country's biggest club can't bring in a domestic manager?


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Looks like Paul Scholes is also retiring after the season.

Well, last home game for Ferguson and I believe a big ceremony will be in hand for him.


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It is becoming more and more obvious that he is leaving. Why else would Ferguson leave him out on the day we lift the trophy? I hope we get some cash from his transfer (and Nani also) so we can buy replacements. We are not too bad in the striker department at the moment. van Persie, Chicharito and Welbeck can get the job done for sure.
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