Manchester United [2012-2013]

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Some cheese to complement that whine sir?

You do know that unlike last year, Chelsea and Arsenal could be equal on points, goal differential, goals scored / conceded, or was the opportunity to complain about City too much to resist?


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Pannu;3490130 said:
I hear there's going to be a play-off for third place at Villa Park.

Pfftt...they should have had one for first place in the 2011/12 season, City and United were equal on points, so would have been a good idea. Winner becomes champions and gets the trophy...seemed fairer to me.

"Aguero!!!! City have scored and bought the league!!!"

Wow...pretty dumb post, Lee.


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So we won the U-21 cup final against Tottenham. After a shitty first half and being two down, Vermjil got United one back and Larnell Cole scored twice to win it. I hope Ben Amos won't have to be near the first team, ever. On a positive side Januzaj was really good.
So, apparently Rooney's on his way out. I don't really want to see him go, but if he's insisting then he should just go. It's a shame that relations with the manager and club worsened after he was left out a few times. In light of his complaint that United weren't showing enough ambition in 2010, it's a pity he wants to leave as soon as things aren't going too well for him.

I hope this is resolved quickly since him leaving pretty much determines how our transfer dealings will look like this summer. Any thoughts?


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MaestroZidane;3504633 said:
These Rumors of you gus going after Ronaldo and willing to pay anything for him, you guys don't need him.
come on, no way can Man Yoo outprice PSG ... and no way can Cristiano turn down a wage packet bigger than Zlatan's ... if Madrid end up selling, I'd be shocked if United end up as the buyers ...
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