Manchester United F.C Thread [2009/2010]

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Will be weird not to see SAF on the bench, but I have a good feeling about today's game. I hope that Nani will be part of it......


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1-0! Penalty by Rooney. I'm listening to Sky Sports Saturday online - Radio5 are so anti United it's untrue.

They've just said Portsmouth have equalized through a dodgy penalty!


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pede54;2771100 said:
Shirt pulling by Vidic. As clear a penalty as the one Wes Brown got against Chelsea. Karma Mikey. :)

Except one wasn't given, was it. I'm seriously suspecting the officials are doing this because of Fergie's attacks - since the outbursts, United have been given the thin end of the stick on several occasions. I can't say I don't understand - Fergie has brought this on United, as I suspect he has the hatred the rest of the country has for us.

Fergie is a brilliant manager, but sometimes his siege mentality perhaps means that United suffer as a result.

In anycase I'm realistic and I just don't think United are the finished article by any stretch - referees or not. I also think that a section of our support have a bit of a shock coming - because our dominance may have come to an end. We don't have a devine right to win things anyway.

2-1 Rooney BTW.


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not a convincing performance but we did enough. Valencia was electric. Really turning into a top signing for us. Defence needs to be sorted out a bit. Vidic and brown were not on same wavelength. Giggs had a good second half. 100 goals for him now and turns 36 tmrw! Legend! Now hopefully the goons can do us a favour tmrw.


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oh yea forgot to mention Kush.. Excellent game. He has always been a good goalkepper and has one of the best if not the best reflexes in the league. He just needs to be more commanding when dealing with crosses. Foster will be sweating now.


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^ lol I just added him to my fantasy team this week and it paid off (Y)

I haven't watched the game. Just watched the highlights. Looks like Portsmouth attacked very well and are very unlucky to have scored only one... Valencia and Giggs seem to have played very well. Valencia is getting better and better each game... If he continues this way he could turn up to be a brilliant winger for us. He's got the potential to get even better.


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This match made Giggs's 100th premier league goal in his 36th birthday (And this match is United's 2000th league win). He's amazing.
Kuszczak did an outstanding performanc and I'm also liking 'Valencia's imporval'.


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aye... January will be our chance... African cup of nations 10 January - 31 January.

28 Mon 15:00 PREM H Fulham
9 Sat 12:45 PREM A Hull City
16 Sat 15:00 PREM H Sunderland
27 Wed 19:45 PREM H Birmingham City
30 Sat 17:30 PREM A Burnley

Guess those are the potential games that will be effected. Some half decent middle table teams. Hopefully they may drop some points there. City on Saturday for them too... I'll cheer on city **shudder**


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some morale boosting statistics, guess we have experience on our side to get us that 4th title. That's almost a domination of two decades.

10 title's out of a possible 17. There's the double and tripple winning years too.


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Yeah I watched the whole game, it was a good and controlled game from us, Spurs where on top in the first 20 min, but after that we controlled the game, Obertan was good, but it was his least impressive game for us. De Laet also suprised me, he did what Neville couldn't do in the first half, that is keep Lennon quite. Aaron started on the left and created a few problems for Gary, in the second half he moved to the right and couldn't get past the Belgian. Gibson had two very good goals, he has listened well to SAF, whom had told him to shoot more, cause he has a got shot on his right foot
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