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ManUtdFan20;3131115 said:
Preview of Liverpool 08 - 09 Home Kit:

It looks awesome bro! :)


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Great Newcastle Kits. Love the yellow one.
PS: Are you still gone do the kits i asked you in 11 tread (Benfica)?


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regularcat;3136323 said:
definitely getting much better at making kits, keep on.

Thanks man, And Gorrao I am still planning on making them, I have just been a little busy lately, Sorry for the delay though man.


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Kezmanomania;3136442 said:
great kits could you provide them in rx3 format and with gk and third kit?

Nope, I only make the kits then post them, the rest is up too you.

I haven't made the Gk and third kits yet.
I will be making the GK kit soon.

But I can't really make the 3rd kit as i cant find and images of the kit so i can get the idea of the stitching the on the kit.


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Garrao You're gunna be happy! :P

Benfica 06 - 07 Home (Blank no patches):

Benfica 06 - 07 Home (CL patches):

Benfica 06 - 07 Home (League patches):


Hope you like it!
I will be doing the away kit within a week or two (hopefully). :P

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