Master League question


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I hate that original PES Master League system. I want myself determine leagues what I want, in my opinion the best system is that there is own league for every big european league, example one for Spanish La Liga, English Premiership, Italian Serie A, Holland Eredivisie, German Bundesleague, French league and one for other european top teams. Well, there is possible to edit leagues when start Master League, but still can't put every Spanish La Liga team example to one league and there is always possible to that example some English team will promote there. So do you guys now any patch for that or is someone who can edit the game working for this kind of patch?

Thanks for help and sorry for my bad english, I hope that you understand me. :)


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You edit so if you play La liga you the best 16 teams there or something and then the ones who doesnt fit into the Division 2. That makes it better but otherwise it can't be fixed I think


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my problem is, i wanna play CL straight away in my 1st season at the club becuase i have done so many seasons now i dont wanna play another without CL is this possible?