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Estadio Municipal de Anduva --- CD Mirandes

Original model @PES 2021 , Glares @Masterleo10 , Crowd @Masterleo10 , Texture @Masterleo10

Here we go again... Another one from Spain. I converted this model from PES2021 and made all texture ,crowd and glares myself ........
Capture 1.JPG

Capture 2.JPG

Capture 9.JPG

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Estadio Anxo Carro --- CD Lugo
Original model @PES2020 , Glares @Masterleo10 , Texture @Masterleo10 , Crowd @Masterleo10

Another one from PES for Spanish league......I want a better model than this version but couldn't find any better model than this at the moment. Anyway it could be nice to have one rather than none... :)

Update --- The complete texture is updated and also added some landscape to improve this stadium...Now it's look much more realistic in game :)


Capture 6.JPG

Capture 8.JPG

Capture 12.JPG

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Some of the stadiums that I provided in this thread are updated (bug fix, material fix, deleted bad objects etc)

The list of updated stadiums are given below

Mini Estadi --- FC BarcelonaB (Missing corner flag and surrounding buildings. Deleted bad objects )
AAMI Park --- Melbourn city (Missing corner flag)
Guangdong stadium --- China (Texture fix . Missing corner flag)
Jawaharlal Nehru stadium --- India (Texture fix . Missing corner flag)
Ajinomoto stadium --- FC Tokyo (Texture fix . Missing corner flag)
Kobe stadium --- Vissel Kobe (Missing corner flag)
Marina Bay --- Singapore (Missing corner flag. Deleted bad objects)
Estadio Muncipal de Anduva --- CD Mirandes (Texture fix, Black crowd fix)

U can download all of this stadiums again from the original links......