Minikit Importer out now!

LL SteveO

Club Supporter
FIFA 2005 Minikit Importer!
Yesterday we came with the 3GB Boot Importer (Wich is currently offline because of some minor problems), today we proudly present our MiniKits Importer! The name of this tool already says what its made for; with just some clicks on your mouse you can import your own made minikits for FIFA 2005! The bitmaps wich are needed for this tool need to be 128x128 pixels.

There are needed 2 bitmaps'; one wich indicates the transparency. But how does the transparency bitmap work? Verry simple, the surface wich needs to be invisible needs to be black; the surface wich needs to contain your minikit needs to be white. If you don't make it like that, your minikit won't fit perfect in your FIFA 05 game.