Minikits of Bundesliga,BBVA,Premier-League,SerieA etc.


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Swiss Super League 12/13 minikits


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why dont u make gk mini kit also ? atleast for teams like Man Utd Real Madrid Barca Chelsea Arsenal Liverpool Tottenham Man City


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eldon7;3412401 said:
why dont u make gk mini kit also ? Atleast for teams like man utd real madrid barca chelsea arsenal liverpool tottenham man city
can be because dont serve to nading make th gk minikits if no is use.. I think this... I dont know what more.. (y)


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Big favor. May you make these retro kits for me please? You're great at this. I need to ask you, the best. All of them are Barcelona mini kits.

I'm planning to make retro Barcelona teams, this is why I need them. Thank you bro. Keep up the greatness.