Mixed Kits & Kit Packs 2012/2013 by ionutz2009


Starting XI
Bulgarian Premier League Kits 15/16

Thanx to xtofher, neymar(FreaK), maxi9494, MessiGOl, diegoacebal06, enriquevy.



Youth Team
Bro, I'm in the patch during the Asian Cup, I can not create kits for FIFA and needs:
Hong Kong (home, away), Bangladesh (home, away), Pakistan (home, away), Palestine (home, away), Taiwan (home, away), Maldives (home, away), Philippines (home, away) Afghanistan (home, away),, Tajikistan (home, away), Bhutan (home, away), Brunei (home, away), Cambodia (home, away), Guam (home, away), Kyrgyzstan (home, away), Laos (home, away), Macau (home, away), Mongolia (home, away), Myanmar (home, away), Nepal (home, away), Sri lanka (home, away) Timor Eastern (home, away), Turkmenistan (home, away)
Other representation found outfits.
Thanks for help!