[MOD] Gameplayzer '14


Senior Squad
Enjoy the new gameplayzer:

Unpack the zip file on your desktop, take the fifa_ng_db.db from your fifa dir, copy on your desktop and rename to fifa_ng_db_original.db.
Open the gameplayzer, you have 3 button:
from the left, click "open the matrix file" button and select matrix56.14.csv, then click at second button and select fifa_ng_db_original.db and for third button click it and write fifa_ng_db.db as file name.
Wait for about 5-6 minutes, and copy the fifa_ng_db.db (now gameplayzed!) in your fifa db directory.
Enjoy :D

88 playing styles, instead 55, better player resemblance about gameplaying styles, because every role now has 8 different styles of play.
For example, a midfield can be a ball winner, or a playmaker, or a box to box, or a regista, or an holder...
Formations improved, team styles are close to real but making the good team play better.

  1. Q: I want to edit the db, adding new teams and kit, how i can do?
    A:Do your edits in original fifa_ng_db.db, create a copy of that file and gameplayze the copy, simple :D
  2. Q: Gameplayzer doesn't work.
    A: Make sure you have .NET framework 4 installed.
    A: Try to use gameplayzer from dos command prompt, you'll see the error code and post it to me.
  3. Q: I have gameplayzed my Db before. Can i apply the new gameplayzer?
    A: No, use the gameplayzer on a NOT gameplayzed DB otherwise the gameplay will be BAD. So use a DB that you haven't gameplayzed before
  4. Q: How I can check if a DB is gameplayzed?
    A: Use db master 12 to check players table. If preferredposition3 and preferredposition4 values are all -1 the db is gameplayzed. In this case don't apply gameplayzer.
  5. Q: There will be other version in future?
    A:I'll improve it so stay tuned.

However, here the features list of Gameplayzer 14.1:

Player individual styles:
The gameplayzer will analyze every attribute of the players, as well his physical stats and find the best playing styles suited to the player, and, according to this, rewrite and balance the attribute to have the players play accordly as his playing styles.
The 100 best players of the game sure have the right playing style. (this number will increase), for the other the automated system find the right playing style for at least the 90% of them.
Example for players and styles:
Messi -> CF Deep lying forward with attack duties
Cristiano Ronaldo -> SW Inside forward
Pirlo -> CM Playmaker defensive duties
Buffon -> GK Techical experienced
Robben -> SM Winger
Vidal -> CM Ball winning midf.
Marchisio -> CM Box to Box
Bale -> CF Counter attacker
Iniesta, Xavi -> CM Playmaker attack duties
LLorente -> ST Target Man
Vucinic -> CF Deep Lying forward Support duties
Tevez -> CF Deep Lying Forward Attack duties
Pazzini -> ST Poacher
and so on.

What will change with playing styles?
The teams will have an identity.
If you don't have a playmaker is difficult to create changes, as if you don't have a second striker your first striker will be separated from the rest of the team and so on, think about real football.
For a complete reading of playing style (used by a game like Football Manager,where i took the idea), please read here: http://www.guidetofootballmanager.c...instructions/choosing-roles#tactical-analysis

Little details to improve the game:
Now the program will stop if you try to gameplayze a gameplayzed db.
Removed high club identification trait so all transfers will be possible. (for FIFA 14 full game)
Mental stats reworked. They are mid high for experienced players and mid low for less experienced players. They are not overall dependent as youth doesn't have the same mind as a veteran.
Adjusted work rates for every playing style, now more realistic. A playmaker doesn't make so much runs, instead a normal midfield who support both phases of the game make more runs.
Adjusted the poor foot attrbutes, so the player use more the dominant foot and less the other. Some technical players can use the outside of foot instead the wrong foot and less skiled players use always the dominant foot.
Adjusted the skill moves, so an advanced midfield from a... brazilian 2nd division can do some beautiful tricks because he can regardless form his overall.
Removed the arrows from tactics because if you do a substitution the arrow will remain. Work rates are important for offensive and defensive mind of the players.
Removed third and fourth preferred position.
Assigned traits judging the playing styles.
Lower league players aren't trash, they can be useful sometimes, because their phisical stat depends in minimal parts from the overall (5%). The technical skill will make the difference as mental attributes (older player will have better mental attribs).
More aggression to the players, and less balance to have more fouls and contrast.
More shot power and long shot ability to se more goals from long distance, as well i've incremented diving and positioning for all the keepers to balance that.

The gameplayzer is configurable.
Let's see how to add a player style to a player:
Let's see how to add a team style to a team:


Senior Squad
LINK for patched DB for FIFA 14 demo:


use the readme or read this:
Unzip the archive
Copy the "fifa_ng_db.db" file in FIFA 14 Demo\Game\data\db
Copy the "data0.bh" file in FIFA 14 Demo\Game
After that the gameplay is automatically applied. Start the game and enjoy!


Reserve Team

your conception of the game, is fabulous. If you manage to do what you described, then your gameplay will be the best. Success.
i think and found your fifa13 gameplay as the best possible around.


Youth Team
fifaCCitiu.com;3550969 said:
If you use a different database or a patch that modify the database you can apply my gameplay using a program that i've developed.
Gameplayzer 14.1.
Download Gameplayzer 14.1 from here:

Are you still working on that tool or why the link does not work?

Thank you that you're in again this year! I couldn't play fifa without your gameplay patches anymore! :33vff3o:


Senior Squad
nubolt;3552026 said:
Are you still working on that tool or why the link does not work?

Thank you that you're in again this year! I couldn't play fifa without your gameplay patches anymore! :33vff3o:

Sorry i was busy with work...
tw i'll reupload the gameplayzed db for vanilla demo and for moddingway demo mod 2.0 today.
Gameplayzer will be ready for full version of the game as well this year i'm working on a new project... i'm looking for the full game to see if it is possible to realize