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Hello all,

I have bought a Brazilian MOD and its amazing, but I want to add some tournaments on this MOD and one team.

I do not have the project file for the Brazilian MOD, however I do have the IDs.

I've already created some tournament MOD (New world cup for clubs every 4 yeaars with 32 teams; The new tornament between COMMEBOL vs CONCACAF which is a final four between champions and runners up from Libertadores and CONCAChampions; costumer tournaments) all my costum tournaments are IDs that does not conflit with the Brazilian MOD and build my costum team. I have theses on 3 different MODS.

Is there anyway I can use all MODs together? If so, how?

Ive seen some people using a lot of MODs (or one MOD and a bunch of add-on)

Thank you in advance! :)