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Hello everyone! I wonder if it's possible to have two versions of the game on your PC, because I would really love to have a FIFA 16 version with the WOMANS PATCH and another with the FIP16 patch. As they can't really work together, i wonder if it's possible to make this work. Any ideas?

Yes, like Robmar said above. I use it like this:



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You can have as many versions as your hard drive capacity allows. You make copies of the original version of the game and give them names, for example, FIFA 16 FIP, FIFA 16 WOMEN, FIFA 16 RTWC (road to world cup) etc. You upload a patch to each version. If you want to play FIP you change your name to FIFA 16. If you get bored of FIP, name FIFA 16 FIP again and want to play Women patch, change name from FIFA 16 WOMEN to FIFA 16 etc. Hope you understood. I have been doing this for several years.
Thank you Brother!!! Amazing!!! By renaming you mean renaming the FIFA16 folder in origin games?


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I don't know where you have the game installed. I don't just have a different folder in Origin, but that's about it. The version of the game you want to play must be named FIFA 16. All others must be named differently.


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Is there a way to convert the FIFA 16 database to FIFA 19?

I know it can be the other way around.. so can someone tell me how to do it? Any help please...


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Anyone on the forum here with knowledge of the Scottish Championship? I would like to add some second divisions for the new 22/23 and the Scottish second would be great add-on for me. We have a lot of stadiums from that league too.

I could use some help with the teams and players.


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Hi to everyone! I dowloaded the EURO 2020 - COPA AMERICA 2021 patch.
How I can remove animated adboards and have only static ones?



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Hi, is there any all-in-one patch? For example, Fifa infinity patch has a lot of stuff like conference league, more national leagues etc. but missing scoreboards, pre-game movies, tv logos, stadiums, chants etc.

I am used to from PES community that I download patches with sizes of 20-30 GB and it contains everything.