Mods and Patches Related Questions and Answers Thread


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Hey. I downloaded the official moddingway update 19.0.2 and I overwrote the standard db with the new one.
But when I want to start a manager mode it crashes at the point, where the new transfers are shown. I did the moddingway mod installer but after the db overwrote I didnt do anything. Just started the game. What did I do wrong, or is the moddingway mod just bad? Because once I changed something with tournements in cm and career mode crashed. In the new mod they seemed to change the Korean League into the Chinese Super League. Maybe thats a problem? Because tournements are very tricky to mod. I hope someone sees this and answers. Its a bad bad problem. The game itself runs and is playable.
But without career I wont play it. :(


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I'm working on a FIFA 16 patch, both in Ms Excel, DB Master and CM. So far I've managed to edit and import ingame the New Leagues and teams as well. I've exported rosters as .csv(Using CM 16.2) and done my editing, I run into problems with CM when I try importing back.

Kindly help.

Attached is the FIFA db i'm working on as well as the rosters.
I'd appreciate anyone who'll help import the players into the db (All attached)
My db
My rosters file (African Players)
Exported file
The teams

Thanks in advance.


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I have a question if anyone could explain me how to add two English League leagues to the FA Cup, Capital One, it will take a bite but it is hard to bite


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Hi guys
someone still on fifa 16?
does anyone have a project on fifa16?
on european league, i stay on fifa 16
and looking for an interesting patch to work.
if anyone wants to launch an interesting project
contact me by mp


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Does anyone now wich folder i need to edit after i used the MW patch to change a team name?

For example. I want to change the name of Chelsea to > Londen Rangers. How can i do that after is used the MW mod.


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Guys where is located and what name have intro songs? Like EPL or Bundesliga they have own intro songs during teams presentation. Thanx.


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Is there any tutorial how to do this in CM16?
I am using MW patch, is possible to add unlimited teams?

teams unlimited
for 2 reason
1 compdata is limited
2 formation table is limited
and import teams fifa14 and fifa 15 is not a good idea
more reason for it
face,schoes ..... is diferent
there may be more problem in carrer mod too
and certainly something else.
the best is to create ffa16 teams.
and adding too much team causes a bug in the regeneration of players and contract.
why do you want to add exactly?

(for scorboard i did not forget you i'm looking for but i did not find)