Movies into games


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Scarface, Godfather, JAWS and Taxi Driver are all great movies but I think they're pretty crappy ideas for a game. Even Miami Vice is going to have it's own game. What the hell. Coppola hates the idea of the Godfather game. In jaws you play the shark and I think all you do is destroy boats with your tail and eat things. Scarface looks ok, picks off from just before he dies. Taxi driver is going to be like GTA only with travis bickle and when you kill too many people who aren't scum, cops don't go after you, you go insane and black out. I think it's stupid making a game for these movies, but I know that I'd prefer a game over sequel for taxi driver and scarface (tony rises from the dead) any day.


Well they are making a Splinter Cell movie and I think that's gonna be great also the Tomb Raider movies weren't too bad I mean Jolie didn't hurt them at all lol.

Games made after movies are s*it though.

PS: a Getaway movie would be sweet.


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I'm actually looking forward to Scarface because it seems like a combination of a mob or gang game and GTA. Should be fun.