Mr.89's Faces


Senior Squad
theredwarriors;3712143 said:
ajna, please release icardi.

need to edit more :)

Rubicon;3712145 said:
tnx for beck

Powerangel;3712172 said:
thanks mate .. top quality as always

tnx mates :)

Rubicon;3712181 said:
hey bro could you please release Fraizer Campbell and bro could you please look at your pm :bow:

ok mate i will release him next ;)

☆MoonlighT☆;3712189 said:
Thanks mate:)

edutudoc;3712196 said:
one 4 one :P amazing thanks mate

Celtic Templar;3712241 said:
Excelent Beck!

tnx mates ;)


Senior Squad
next face with two textures, with and without beard :)



Youth Team
Beck je najbolja faca ikad napravljena. Bez zezanja. Ali, uzalud te hvalim, u smislu "uzalud je budim", jerbo sve si ispoštovao, bratela, samo mene nisi. Preklinjem te za Ovieda i Everton pack, but džaba. Šta da se radi... (Beck je i dalje kakav rekoh da jeste.)


Club Supporter
amazing faces, when will you release mitrovic ? sorry for asking but i bought him in my career and i like to have a great face of him

Celtic Templar

Youth Team
kaengselllley;3712427 said:
I thought you would have released your faces by now since you no longer release them in face packs

Let the man enjoy Summer ffs. He already said he'd release them when he's finished with them so give him a break, it's not like he's contractually obliged to making faces...