Multiplayer question. Sharing players, playing more then one on one.

Discussion in '2006 FIFA World Cup Forum' started by Darkhero, Aug 2, 2006.

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    Aug 2, 2006
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    Hi there all! :ewan:
    I'm new to these forums and I would like to start with a question here.

    Is there ANY soccer game out there which lets you play more then just one on one matches? A PC game where you can play over a network with several of your friends, not only one? :)

    I know that you can play with several players at the same time if you use several joy-pads on the same computer, but first off I do not own that many joy-pads, and in this case we can all just play fifa on a gamcube. I want to be able to play on my own computer.

    I have been looking all ooooover for this sorta game and through my journey in searchin I have tested tons. The ONLY game which I can find that has this capability is "Fifa 2002 World Cup" for PC.

    Ple----ease, I'd REALLY appreciate it if anyone here could help me out.
    Whatever it might be... a multiplayer patch for Fifa 06 WC would be the best of the best... but that's too much to ask I guess.
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    Jun 21, 2006
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    yeah pro evolution soccer 5 does, u press start on the other pad and it lets u play 2 on2 online

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