MuriloCr$ FIFA 14 Faces


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Stuphan_75;3672568 said:
I dont' steal them, I make them better. But you'll never see the truth, because you're to much in love with what you're doing. What you're doing is producing Face on the treadmill without any care for details. This is the same with most of the narcissistic Facemakers here, if the would test their Faces, they would see how much Failures remaines there. I'm the one which paying attention to this Details and fix them - not only Skincolor-Corrections or HQ-Eyes. There are much more fixies like: fixing hairposition or wholes around, because it's not really good mapped or matched as long as horrible Facetextures around the eyes...and believe me much more, but as I already mentioned, you're not able to see that!

Next time you'll see, that I'm also able to produce 100 % selfmade Faces!!!!!

One week after this "shit comment" and he still stealing other facemakers works without permission, and worst, saying that people enter on his "tread" to insult him, and to finish, he don´t made any authoral face... Ridiculous!


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Nicolás Lodeiro - Uruguay NT and new Corinthians signing



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Perfeita a face do Lodeiro, Murilo, parabéns! Só aguardando para fazer o download. Tem como fazer a face do De Arrascaeta? Revelação do Defensor Sporting do Uruguai e melhor jogador da Libertadores 2014. Ninguém fez essa face ainda.



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Stuphan_75;3678680 said:
Instead of commenting my Feedbacks in every tread, you could develop something new or releasing your big Brazil Facepack - Baby-Facemacker!

You are a lie! I can develop some faces for you, little EYEMAKER. Then you can make your HD eyes (very needed), the red or green "color match"...



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Murilo, let it go. Moderators have told us to stop. Let him blabber on if he wants to. Just ignore him. Don't get yourself in trouble mate :)