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Starting XI
Hello everyone! Remember me? :D

Well…so….here we go, new game new goodies!

Now, since my last thread was HUGE, I’ve decided this first post will be the official “reference” guide in order to better organize my works.


Club Kits

AC Milan (Kits) AC Milan (Minis)

Barcelona (Kits) Barcelona (Minis)

Internazionale Milano (League) Internazionale Milano (Champions League) Internazionale Milano (Minis)

Juventus (Kits)

LA Galaxy (Kits) LA Galaxy (Minis)

Steaua Bucharest

National Team Kits






Starting XI
Now I haven’t had much time for kits in a while, so for now I managed to make some simple minis, of Inter Milan of course! :D

Inter Milan Minikitpack


-(Ingame Version Done)-

Comments? :D

(P.S. I love this template much more than the new long sleeve one! :D)


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Yay, he's back!

Can't wait to see more of your work. That Inter pack is a great start to the thread.


Starting XI
Thanks a million for the compliments guys, I really appreciate them!

Well here’s my first FIFA 09 Kitpack. It may not be in the demo but hey, I love this team!

Now much like pkbomb I do not have oedit since I too recently got Vista. So I made these kits based off of the 08 ones that looked pretty good.

So I’d be very grateful if someone (Silencer :D) could make some SS of these kits, just so I could see what they look like ingame!

Internazionale Milano Kitpack 2008-2009



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Dear Interista

Wow... Very cool kits....

Interista, Do you have a fifa08 Template used on that glorious team?? I

want to learn to make every kits more realistic...

Please give a response to me...