My 09 Kits


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Great Juve and Milan kits. Can you please make the away Milan kit with white shorts and Juve home with black shorts? Thanks.


Damn I've been away for a while and now look! :icon_spin:
Screens coming soon, got some work to do I guess :browsmiley:
And on we go with the next thing:




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Boreto: Thanks mate! :)

Keegan: Hmmm, well mate you know I’ve never been able to take requests but seeing how it recently was your birthday…I’ll give it a shot! ;) Though please don’t expect them too soon…this week is looking monstrous for me :(

Razvann: Sure mate but a bit later on ;)

Adrenalin laser: Thanks mate, enjoy!

Silencer: Thanks a million mate for all your screenshots :) I don’t have oedit so they really do tell a million words! :D

Simoncauchi: I’m glad you like them! And nah, in fact I just got a new Inter shirt! (Y)

Guys just a heads up on things—I’ve gotten the PES2009 demo and I was blown away by the kits :P Also, Silencer’s screens show me the kits have a few eroors and they didn’t come out the way I wanted :P So my next “project” is that I’ll try to remake/update a few of these kitpacks (Y)

Btw, like my new sig? :D Never tried making one on my own, so I’d appreciate opinions (Y)


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Man...first time checking out your 09 thread and you already have over 11k views.
You have certainly become one of the best my friend...Great work!


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Great screens for great kits... I have a new Nike that needs screens, Martijn... :D


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Hey guys

Silencer: Thanks a million for those screens mate! I don’t have o-edit, so your screens are really useful in pointing out some parts I’m not pleased about, thanks! Hope they keep coming!

Well I’ve been remaking some kit models, so to test a few here’s a new kitpack! I’ll be updating all the other kits I’ve made as well!

Steaua Bucharest Kitpack 2008-2009


**Please use a V-neck collar for all of these kits!**​

Comments? :D