My current season with Arsenal


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my 2007/2008 season so far ...
(keep in my I dont cheat and reload a game if I lose, I already lost in FA cup this season).

I beat both Man UTD and Chelsea at home 4-0 each.



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:) Looks very good, that skin is great can you give me a lin k to get it :)

anyway you have a nice team therre, patrice evra, his a good talent , can i ask why a few of your players are unhappy, whats the reason ??

the table looks very realistic, the 4 top teams in the top 4 with quite a gap from the others, tottenham underacheiving :fool: very realistic nd last of all its uch more relaistic than Burnley and Aston Villa being top just coming from promotion

*cough* tcm *cough* :nape:

anyway keep on posting screenies, its looking good,


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1. Kolo Abib is unhappy because he doesnt feel hes in his best condition
2. Carson wants to play more

I'll find the skin link and Ill send it to you.