My FIFA 2005 Fonts for numbers


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@silencer: I'll send you tge fonts today, as soon as I come back home.

@evil bert: what should I do to update Nike fonts? They are the same as last year's.


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not exactly... i already tried to update them but it looks horrible ingame^^.

change the color in the alpha to plain white and in the other file the font should have a black border



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@evil bert: here are the fonts you requested. I think they are specific for Borussia though, cause I've seen Inter, Juventus and all Nike national teams playing with the last year font.

@silencer: as Ajax font is the same as last years, and as this font is very similar to the one already in game from 67 to 88 I don't find necessary to make a new font. Maybe I could try only if you give me good pictures of all the 10 numbers. :D

Nike Borussia Dortmund white (1)


Well I guess you are right about the Ajaxfont but I was kinda hoping you already did them ;)

As promised here are the fonts and how they look ingame, starting with Milan



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please give me a try...

excellents fonts, very accurate, as i saw in the screenshoots, but i cannot play with fifa 2005, because my computer i too old, can you make barca fonts for fifa 2004, please if wil be wonderful to play fifa2004 with your wonderful designs
thanks and good luck