My fonts for numbers for FIFA 06!!!


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Happy new season to all!!!!!!!
Another year, another thread for fonts. Fortunately numbers structure hasn't changed much since last year.
So let's begin with rules: NO REQUESTS.
Then a guide (once and for all) to install fonts in the game. :jambo:
This year I'll post directly the fsh files, no bmp anymore. This will facilitate numbers installation but won't let you see a preview of the fonts before installing... Therefore I would ask to the many good ssmakers down here (Silencer I'm not talking about you :) , I'm joking of course :lui: ) to take some photos of the numbers I post.


This guide will show a step by step installation for numbers, beginning from the bmp files. If you already have the fsh files, just skip the first fase.

Let's install, for instance, AC Milan fonts (the golden for home and the red one for away kit).
I suggest to install them with these IDs:

Gold: 699
Red: 700

In zdata09.big (placed in FIFA 06/data folder) you'll find these 4 files:

Jersey's numbers:



Shorts' numbers:



Use Rinaldo's File Master 06 to locate and extract them in a working folder (such as C:\temp). You can get this great tool here:

Then open the fsh files with fshtool. You can get it at
Doing so will create a folder for each file, named as the file itself.
You'll find 3 files in each folder:

0000.bmp -> it's the coloured file with numbers

0000-a.bmp -> it's the alpha file (black and white)

index.fsh -> a generated file with info on the fsh file

Replace 0000.bmp and 0000-a.bmp with AC Milan ones. Please note that the 0000-a.BMP file is a 8-bit file (greyscale). If you have a 24-bit file you should convert it to 8-bit with a graphic editor.

After that double click on index.fsh (opening it with fshtool again) to export the data back from the folder to the fsh file.
Now you have the updated fsh file.

Do this for all the fonts you need to update (the same work must be done for jersey numbers and shorts numbers).

Now you should have 4 update fsh files in C:\temp, right?
This is the point you're starting from if you want to install my fsh files.

To import them back to zdata09.big you must use, guess what??? Rinaldo's File Master 06 of course!!! Browse the folders until you find zdata09.big and import the 4 files, overwriting the existing ones.

The last step is to update the links in the fifa database between team and respective numbers IDs.
To do this you can either use Creation Centre 06 or UniDB v4.00.

With CC 06 simply browse the italian Serie A league, choose AC Milan, go in the "Kits" window and put the following values in the forms:

for home kit in "Jersey No. Color ID" put 699, in "Short No. Color ID" put 699

for away kit in "Jersey No. Color ID" put 700, in "Short No. Color ID" put 700

for gk kit in "Jersey No. Color ID" put 699, in "Short No. Color ID" put 699

To change name colors put 11 in "Name Colour" for the home and gk kit and put 20 for the away kit.

With UniDB v4.00 export the mdb file of your database, open it with Excel, open the "table_teamkits" table, go on the lines "047", which are those for AC Milan team and change the values in the columns "jerseynumbercolorid" and "shortsnumbercolorid" as follows:

for home kit (line 047, "kittype" 0): in "jerseynumbercolorid" put 699, in "shortsnumbercolorid" put 699

for away kit (line 047, "kittype" 1): in "jerseynumbercolorid" put 700, in "shortsnumbercolorid" put 700

for gk kit (line 047, "kittype" 2): in "jerseynumbercolorid" put 699, in "shortsnumbercolorid" put 699

To change name colors go in the "namecolor" column and write 11 for home and gk kit and 20 for away kit.

Close Excel, import the mdb file back into the game with UniDB and the work is done!

Enjoy! :rockman: :rockman:


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Now, after the lesson :jambo: , the fonts!
In the font title I'll write in parenthesis the number ID for "namecolor". For example AC Milan home will use color n° 11, which is gold.

AC Milan 2006 font gold (11) and red (20)

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Good to see you are going to make fonts in FIFA 2006 too.:rockman:
I know you are not taking any request but just a question will you release the ones you released before aka the ones of Umbro, Lotto and Puma?


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If you really want people to use your great fonts i think you should post them as fsh. files like DakaTotal and Curswine do!

And people...there ARE a progam that let you edit whitch fontnumber your team is using

I just think it would be a shame if only a few people actually get your great fonts in the game... personally i just coulden't play with teams like Marseille and Milan without them :)

And for those still in doubt.. use file master to import the fsh. file it works a charm and make sure you don't get any font clashes!


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I updated the AC Milan fonts, solving the problem with shorts numbers (2 swapped with 5). Enjoy! :ewan:

P.S.: the zip file contains the fsh files, ready to be imported in the game with Rinaldo's File Master.


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fiordy said:
I updated the AC Milan fonts, solving the problem with shorts numbers (2 swapped with 5). Enjoy! :ewan:

P.S.: the zip file contains the fsh files, ready to be imported in the game with Rinaldo's File Master.

Thanks a lot Fiordy :)


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Do you plan on doing any more fonts?

Those new Puma, Adidas and Nike fonts SURE would look nice in the game (HINT, HINT) :fool:


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Here I come back with the new old fashioned Adidas font for national teams. I give you a zip file containg fsh files to be imported in game with Rinaldo's File Master 06. Remember to update the fonts matchings with CC 06, following the instructions written in the txt cointained in the zip file. :jambo:

I didn't test it in game yet, so if someone could be so kind to make and post some screenies I would be glad! :)

Adidas 2006 font white (1), black (2), yellow (7), yellow (10), red (20), green (47), blue (61) and blue (64)


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Here's the new Puma font for Italy, which suits with the new kits for 2006 WC. I'm posting a zip file containing the home and away fonts, for jersey and shorts. Remember to update the name color with CC06, which has to be gold (11) for home and gk kit and black (2) for away kit.
Please could someone post some screenies of these fonts, maybe using the gorgeous italian kits made by Pede54 for Fifa 2005!

Puma 2006 font for Italy gold (11) and black (2)


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As promised I'm posting Puma new font. It's given in the most common colors as for Adidas. New colors can be made easily by coloring the white font's 0000.BMP. Enjoy!!! :ewan:

Puma 2006 font white (1), black (2), yellow (7), red (20), green (47), blue (61)


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Very nice :) , I think to make the new Italy kits (home, away) for the World Cup 2006, will be great with your new fonts ... thank you very much :)


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hi fiordy

nice font that u make r excellent.... but i got a problem... when i imort the font like what u have mention... n i use the cc 06 to assign the number but when i play the the color that i assign dun match with the 1 i want...

for example team A is using the red adidas font while team B is using the yellow adidas but when i play the game the font is all red if team A is the host. even the team B which is yellow but now become red...

how can i solve this problem???