My Mini kits


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Hi Pede, I apologise if I'm not eligable to make my request but wpould you be able to make me some Bristol Rovers Mini Kits please?

I'd like the 2003-04 Blue and White quarters, 2003-04 Black away and 2002-03 Orange shirt as the third shirt please.

Thanks my friend. I'm a big fan of your work.



Team Captain
Hi Pace you use EA the prog for the fsh file on your hard drive and load it in ........then in the left hand column appears a folder of sorts with the mini kit file in it and when you highlight it .....the mini kit file is visible on the i'm not sure about this bit but i think you copy the file and save it to your hard drive and then in photoshop you convert it to a png.........maybe with 2003 ea graph you can convert it in the program but i've never had to do it so i dont know if thats the case or not


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i presume you want to view the file before you use it follow the instuctions above and you will be able to at least view it


Youth Team
could you do the fantasy kits mini kits remember the one you made for me and it was totally ace plz can you make it ill rate it after see ya