My Mini kits


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hey pede,

I was wondering do you know where I can find a mini-kit tutroial in english? I've created an American Premiership ('cuz I wish I was a Brit), and I wanted to make minis for the 80 clubs in the system.


Team Captain
Hey man go to
in the download section for 2003, there is a mini kit tutorial.......thats the only one i can find mate...........80 teams man..thats a lot of minis..........good luck with it....if i can help in any way just let me know.......:D


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:lui: thank you!! it's great that you make kits for fifa 2003, i don't like 2004

will you make national kits for euro 2004?


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can you make this kit as a mini...its what I think the ayr kit will look like when released, this is based upon what the ayr manager told me and TFG's current styles. Just add it to the Ayrt mini's you made ages ago as the home kit. Thanks alot, it aint really a challange!!