My mother died today....


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I have considered most of you guys as friends even though we never met each other in real life.....

My mother died today because of cancer.

She is a wonderful woman and will always be in my heart.


Seán D

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Sorry to hear that bro. My advice would be to talk to someone about it when you're ready. It is pretty numbing for the first few days. The memories will never die though.

Back Door Skip

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Sorry for your loss.

I can relate, because my mom dealt with cancer and it was very frightening to think that she could pass on.

Be strong, man. My condolences.


Sorry to know that. Be strong through this very tough phase.


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Sorry to hear that. Be strong, and be open about it, don't crawl into a shell, but be ready to talk to someone when it gets to you, as it probably will from time to time.



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My condolences. I've been there, so I know what you're going through.


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That's horrible. I can't imagine what it's like and what you're going through right now, but I'm sure it's very very tough. Be strong, you're going to get through it.

My sincere condolences.


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Cancer sucks.

Lost my dad some years ago already, and even if it's the natural order for children to lose their parents, it shouldn't be through such excruciating events.

You don't have to be strong all the time. That's what friends and family are for. Try being there for them and most of all let them be there for you.


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Know exactly what you're going through mate, happened to me 5 years ago...

Stay strong, and what ShearerM4 said is very true. Don't be afraid to confide with close friends and family, they're there for you :)

May she rest in peace.


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Sorry man. I don't know you, but i wish the best for you. The only thing i can say is go on. Keep on the way and go ahead. The life continues and your mother will always be whit you.
And as leungtl said. Go whit your friends and family and share this moments whit them. pass through this time together.
I'm sorry for your loss mate.. it's all in our lives and it will happen when the time comes.. and there's no consolation, nothing to make us feel better..


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We don't know each other, but I was touched by your candour. I hope you take comfort in knowing that people looking at your post can see the obvious depth of feeling you had for your Mother. Best regards to you.
I can't even imagine what your feelings would be right now. Very sorry to hear about your loss and what you are going through.

I wish you lots of luck in life. Take care of yourself, man.