My stadium studio - Pier Luigi Penzo Stadium

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I saw that you made an updated version of Union Berlin's Fifa 20 stadium a few weeks back. Do you have a date in mind when you want to release it for everyone like your usual releases? Thanks in advance!
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Hello Guys !

I recently havent found time for stadiums and sadly it looks like future will not be any better.....

But for a long time i have been working on this - Stadio Olimpico,yes again. Its one of those grounds which i was not happy at all and it missed and atmosphere. So far i have only Lazio version available.

I spend XXX hours on it,but its a version which i consider to be FINAL.

The model is from pes6 which i believe is taken from pes2013 so the best available. I added correct sectors, all flags have been re-worked,adverts,away sector,banners and so on.

More screens :

This goes to my "top stadiums list" now.
If youre interested, i think those are my best ones and i consider them to be the final edits :)

- Vitkovicky stadion - FC Banik Ostrava ( ofcourse )
- Catania stadio
- Hellas Verona stadio
- Inter
- Lazio
- Partizan
- Rapid Wien
- Napoli
- Zrinjski Mostar
- Olympiakos
- Shakhtar Donetsk


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Can you convert these stadiums from Fifa 16 to Fifa 14 ?:
PDE Arena Gdansk
Alianz Stadion Rapid
Generali Arena, Vien
Stadion Partizana
Borisov Arena
Stadion pod Bijelim Brijegom
Selma Srermasi Stadium
Stadion Sóstói
Stadion Narodowy
Generali Arena, Praha
Městský stadion v Ostravě-Vítkovicích


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Does anyone have any of those teams in CMP format please?
- Pisa
- Juve stabia
- Cosenza
- Livorno
- Padova
- Lecco
- Syracuse



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Raven, hi. When will you release version 2 of the San Siro Stadium. And do you have any plans for a preview of this stadium.


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F*uck corona virus ! If youre trapped at home, at least play FIFA !

In order to support you guys ,those stadiums are now released :

  1. ARG - Estadio Jorge Luis Hirschi,Estudiantes
  2. AUT - Allianz Stadion,Wien
  3. AUT - Cashpoint Arena,Altach
  4. AUT - Generali Arena,Austria Wien
  5. GER - An der Alten Foersterei - Union Berlin
  6. ISR - Teddy Stadium,Beitar
  7. ITA - Stadio Arechi - Salernitana
  8. ITA - Stadio Armando Picchi,Livorno
  9. ITA - Stadio Comunale Chiavari,Virtus Entella
  10. ITA - Stadio Marcantonio Bentegodi,Hellas
  11. POL - Arena Gdansk,EXTERIOR
  12. POL - Stadion Miejski w Tychach
  13. POL - Stadion Widzewa
  14. POL - Zdzisław Krzyszkowiak stadium


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Good day friend and health. Great Job.Could you help me? You could convert the crowd at Yamaha Stadium (PES6) Japan, since there is a version where the crowd are not facing the pitch and are rotated. On the other hand, could you pass me the scripts for FIFA 15 3D IMPORTER EXPORTER, since all the links are down and I can't download it